Sports Matterz | John Wooden Stories as Told By Steve Lavin

Sports Matterz | John Wooden Stories Told By Steve Lavin | SportsEpreneur

John Wooden. Anyone in sports and entrepreneurship has at some point read or studied the great John Wooden. And some have had the privileged to be mentored by John Wooden. Steve Lavin is one of those fortunate people that not only learned from Coach Wooden, but he shares the lessons learned often — including in … Read more

SportsMatterz | Steve Lavin on Brent Musburger: “Stay Interested Kid”

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

Brent Musburger. Known for the lines he dropped. Dropped a profound one on Steve Lavin when he was coming up in the broadcasting world: “Stay interested kid.” This SportsMatterz podcast episode features that story told by Steve Lavin about that day in Detroit, Michigan when Brent Musburger gave this wisdom in three short words that … Read more

ClutchTimeout | Steve Lavin | Leading From Inside the Huddle

The Sports Backdrop

Inside the huddle with one of college basketball’s finest, Steve Lavin. We hear stories from Lavin on his days coaching The UCLA Bruins and St. Johns University to being an analyst with Fox Sports and CBS Turner. In this episode, Steve Lavin and host of the ClutchTimeout podcast series, Alan Major, provide insights and glimpses … Read more