Professional Soccer Goalkeeper Talks Readiness

Sports and Entrepreneurship Blog Article

“It’s about being ready for your moment… It’s good to be pissed off and it’s good to keep that fire burning because ultimately that’s what is going to keep you going and keep you pushing for more.” – Professional Soccer Goalkeeper, Jeff Attinella. In this inspiring SE podcast episode, we revisit a discussion Eric Kasimov … Read more

SE43 | The Modern Day GK with Mark Robinson

The Modern Day GK with Mark Robinson | SportsEpreneur Podcast

Entering the mind of a modern day goalkeeper. In this SportsEpreneur Podcast episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Mark Robinson, co-owner of The Modern Day GK. The goalkeeper position is one of the most difficult positions in all sports. It’s also one of the most scrutinized positions you could choose to play. That is where The … Read more