TGL and The Evolution of Professional Sports

TGL and The Evolution of Professional Sports | The Sports Backdrop podcast

In this episode of The Sports Backdrop, we focus on the innovative world of the TGL Golf League, Tiger Woods’ and Rory McIlroy’s latest venture aimed at revolutionizing how we experience golf. With high-tech simulations and fast-paced competition, TGL seeks to attract a new generation of fans by making the sport more entertaining and accessible. … Read more

Could Humility Be the Answer

Could Humility Be The Answer

The way I see it, pressure in life can be a problem. We are all under so much pressure to perform, to be perfect—or at least to pretend we are. That pressure has to come out somewhere. It comes out in anger or other behaviors. How do we de-fuse the ticking time bombs that comes … Read more

Hit the Putt: Making the Sale

Putting in Golf and Making the Sale in Business Are Closely Related   It’s a beautiful day on the golf course. The sun is out, the grass is cut, and you’re playing well. As you approach the seventh hole, you look at your scorecard and see that you are even for the first six holes. … Read more

Focus on Your Game

This Is the Golf Way. Focus. You and three of your friends tee off on the first hole. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. You don’t get to play with these guys often, but today you get to spent four hours or so together on this incredible course.   The first three golfers all hit great shots. Each one does better than … Read more

Play the Ball Where It Lies, in Golf and in Business

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You hit what feels like your best drive of the year down the par five 8th fairway that bends to the right. The ball takes that perfect bounce, setting you up for an opportunity to go for the green in two. Those you are playing with all give the wow, great shot kudos. You feel … Read more

3 Uses for Patience in Golf and Business

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I remember one summer evening in Charlotte, looking toward the 2nd hole with my then five-year-old daughter, waiting to take a shot at the green. There is a three-some in front of us, but I’m quite relaxed and in no rush. I am with my daughter, the weather is great, and we have snacks. We … Read more