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Imagine If Steph Curry Didn’t Shoot Three-Pointers!

Use your talent | What If Steph Curry Didn't Shoot 3's

Imagine Steve Kerr calls a timeout. The Golden State Warriors are playing well, but something is missing. Steph Curry won’t shoot the three-ball. He is open, but he is not taking the shot. Kerr asks him the most basic question possible: “Steph, why aren’t you shooting three-pointers?!” Steph answers, “I dunno.” Imagine being a great … Read more

Exploring the NFL Running Back Pay Disparity

running back pay disparity in the nfl

In the high-stakes world of the National Football League (NFL), where quarterback contracts make weekly headlines, there’s a group of athletes who have been battling a long-standing disparity in compensation: running backs. Despite being the driving force behind many NFL offenses, running backs have historically struggled to secure contracts on par with those of their … Read more

Allison Schmitt | 10-Time Olympic Medalist on Mental Health

Allison Schmitt | 10-Time Olympic Medalist on Mental Health | SportsE Media

Allison Schmitt, a professional swimmer and 10-time Olympic medalist shares her journey in swimming, her experiences at the Olympics, and her passion for sports and mental health. In this episode: Allison shares the profound impact her cousin’s tragic suicide had on her — it’s what fueled Allison’s passion for mental health. Allison talks about feeling … Read more

Sports Betting Impact

sports betting impact | sportse media

The Sports Betting Impact: A Synopsis Overview: The sports betting market is a dynamic space, experiencing immense changes, especially in the United States post-legalization in many states. With the advent of technology and new market openings, the industry is encountering both opportunities and challenges. Key Takeaways: Global Expansion: Legalized sports betting is gaining traction worldwide. … Read more

Justin Fields, a Chicago Bears Scoop and Score Story

Justin Fields, a Chicago Bears Scoop and Score Story | SportsE

How the Chicago Bears capitalized on the missteps of the 49ers, Panthers, and Jets. And drafted Justin Fields at #11 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. In the high-stakes world of the NFL Draft, one team’s oversight can become another team’s jackpot. The Chicago Bears, having secured Justin Fields as their quarterback, are living proof … Read more

Ryan Day Names the Buckeye Starting QB, or Did He?

Ryan Day Names the Buckeye Starting QB, or Did He?

The Intrigue of the Buckeye Starting QB Drama is a Tale of Predictions, Surprises, and Fan Frenzy. Every morning, as the summer sun rises over Columbus, Ohio, fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes wake up with a burning question: Who will be the starting quarterback for one of the nation’s premier college football programs? In … Read more

Why This Former Athlete Believes In Podcasts

former athlete believes in podcasting | SportsE Media

Podcasts have become an influential medium in the sports world, bridging gaps between athletes, enthusiasts, and the media. It goes deeper than that though. Former athletes, for example, have so many stories to share. In this episode of The Sports Backdrop, we discuss why podcasts resonate so powerfully today, and specifically why this former athlete … Read more