The Underdog Story with Washington Softball Pitcher Ruby Meylan

FROM THE PLAYERS - Presented by SportsEpreneur

In this episode, you’ll hear from Ruby Meylan, the Washington Softball Pitcher. She made history as the first Freshman since 2018 to be named an All-American. Ruby played a pivotal role in advancing the Huskies to the 2023 Women’s College World Series. As she prepares for her second collegiate season, you’ll discover the genuine passion … Read more

Amazon Prime Saves Bally Sports and Sports Fans Everywhere

Amazon Prime Saves Bally Sports and Sports Fans Everywhere

Imagine driving 2 and a half hours to a Carolina Hurricanes game, watching your kid fall in love with the team and the atmosphere, only to discover that the games are blacked out back home in Charlotte. Or, picture being a Cleveland Guardians fan in Buffalo, NY, frustrated because you can’t watch your favorite team … Read more

Life After Oklahoma Softball with Nicole Mendes | Mental Health Post-Graduation

FROM THE PLAYERS - Presented by SportsEpreneur

Life after graduation can be a challenging transition for anyone, especially when you add the stress of leaving your teammates. For former Oklahoma softball player Nicole Mendes, navigating this uncertain time involves discovering passions beyond the softball field. In this episode of ‘From the Players,’ Nicole Mendes shares insights into her softball journey at Oklahoma … Read more

The Many Problems of College Football

The Many Problems of College Football | SportsE Media

Few sports own the pageantry, huge crowds, history, and rivals like college football does. Except, college football also owns huge problems. Think of college football like your favorite burger joint… except they just changed the recipe – it looks the same on the outside, but it just doesn’t taste as good. In this article, we … Read more

Championship or Bust. Or None of the Above

Championship or Bust. Or None of the Above

Is It All About Championships? It Can’t Be. “This is the year we win it all.” “It’s championship or bust!” Words echoed from New York City to Buffalo to Cleveland to Phoenix to Seattle. Pick a sport, pick a level, and there you have people saying this is the year. This year we will win … Read more

ManningCast Redefines Sports Broadcasting

ManningCast Redefines Sports Broadcasting | SportsE Media

ManningCast: How Two Quarterbacks Are Redefining Sports Viewing ManningCast has hit the sports world like a trick play. What started as two brothers chatting about the game has sparked a broadcast revolution, showing us a new way to enjoy sports – relaxed, unfiltered, and real. The Start of ManningCast Why ManningCast, and why now? It … Read more

Duke University’s Approach to Athlete Mental Health with Dr. Aaron Goodson

Dr. Aaron Goodson | Athlete Mental Health at Duke University

Meet Duke University’s Dr. Aaron Goodson, the driving force behind Duke University’s Mental Health and Performance Department. In this episode of Athlete Mindset, we explore the vital significance of embedding clinical mental health and mental performance consultation services within athletic departments, the importance of racial and ethnic representation among practitioners, and much more. Join us … Read more

Why College Football Games Feel Longer Than Ever

college football games feel longer than ever

College football leadership thinks they are immune to the viewer, and they are wrong. Imagine the scene: two people, one at a bustling stadium, the other lounging at home. Both united by the thrill of the game, but increasingly annoyed by its interruptions. The essence of college football is being overshadowed by commercials, seemingly elongated … Read more

The NFL Turf Battle

The NFL Turf Battle | SportsE Media

Artificial turf has been a part of sports for over 55 years, dating all the way back to 1966. While turf has made many improvements over the years, we are still seeing an alarming disparity in injuries and arguments about player safety because of these surfaces. The debate over artificial turf versus natural grass in … Read more

Colin Jonov | NFL Was Just the Start

Colin Jonov | NFL Was Just the Start | SportsE Media

Many see the NFL as the peak, but for Colin Jonov that was just the beginning. We talk all things mental fortitude in this episode of Athlete Mindset.  In this episode: Getting cut from the Buffalo Bills was a huge wakeup call for Colin Learning to identify with the things you can control (who you … Read more