Michelle Colson | Footballer and Beyond

Michelle Colson | Footballer and Beyond | Athlete Mindset

Michelle Colson, a professional footballer, reflects on her journey to becoming the player she is today and explores her personal growth beyond the football field. In this episode: Michelle Colson recalls her childhood where she often found herself as the only girl on the pitch. Michelle discusses her decision to become an ambassador for Devine … Read more

Imagine If Steph Curry Didn’t Shoot Three-Pointers!

Use your talent | What If Steph Curry Didn't Shoot 3's

Imagine Steve Kerr calls a timeout. The Golden State Warriors are playing well, but something is missing. Steph Curry won’t shoot the three-ball. He is open, but he is not taking the shot. Kerr asks him the most basic question possible: “Steph, why aren’t you shooting three-pointers?!” Steph answers, “I dunno.” Imagine being a great … Read more

Exploring the NFL Running Back Pay Disparity

running back pay disparity in the nfl

In the high-stakes world of the National Football League (NFL), where quarterback contracts make weekly headlines, there’s a group of athletes who have been battling a long-standing disparity in compensation: running backs. Despite being the driving force behind many NFL offenses, running backs have historically struggled to secure contracts on par with those of their … Read more

Allison Schmitt | 10-Time Olympic Medalist on Mental Health

Allison Schmitt | 10-Time Olympic Medalist on Mental Health | SportsE Media

Allison Schmitt, a professional swimmer and 10-time Olympic medalist shares her journey in swimming, her experiences at the Olympics, and her passion for sports and mental health. In this episode: Allison shares the profound impact her cousin’s tragic suicide had on her — it’s what fueled Allison’s passion for mental health. Allison talks about feeling … Read more

Sports Betting Impact

sports betting impact | sportse media

The Sports Betting Impact: A Synopsis Overview: The sports betting market is a dynamic space, experiencing immense changes, especially in the United States post-legalization in many states. With the advent of technology and new market openings, the industry is encountering both opportunities and challenges. Key Takeaways: Global Expansion: Legalized sports betting is gaining traction worldwide. … Read more

Justin Fields, a Chicago Bears Scoop and Score Story

Justin Fields, a Chicago Bears Scoop and Score Story | SportsE

How the Chicago Bears capitalized on the missteps of the 49ers, Panthers, and Jets. And drafted Justin Fields at #11 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. In the high-stakes world of the NFL Draft, one team’s oversight can become another team’s jackpot. The Chicago Bears, having secured Justin Fields as their quarterback, are living proof … Read more