I’m Doing It

I’m Doing It | A Story About What We Can Learn From Watching Kids

A Bike Riding Story About What We Can Learn From Watching Kids Ever watch a kid do something new? Watching my kids learn is one of my favorite things about being a parent–and I learn so much in the process I may have to give my daughter, Chloe, her own website, one of these days. … Read more

Keep Showing Up, Like Chloe

Keep Showing Up | SportsEpreneur | Softball U8

My youngest child just got her first hit of the softball season.   Now, I’m not saying she’s about to join the Woman’s Softball Olympic team. In fact, she might not even play next season, and I’m ok with that. But I’m impressed with her performance, anyway.  Let me tell you why. Let me take you … Read more

The Wonder of Sports and Entrepreneurialism

The Wonder of Sports and Entrepreneurialism | SportsEpreneur Content

When you wake up in the morning, do you know what is going to happen? I don’t mean do you have a schedule or a plan, I mean do you really know for sure what the day holds? Of course, you don’t. Does not knowing bother you? Or is it exciting? I started thinking about … Read more

Dealing with the Silence of College GameDay

Dealing with the Silence of College GameDay

by Shane Snively The year Dad died, one of the hardest things to handle was college gameday. Go Bucks!! No texts …. no phone calls …. no laughing about the five-second delay he had on his TV compared to mine, “spoiler alert, Penn State just fumbled!”   Dad was a hybrid Penn State/Ohio State fan, and it was the sit-on-the-couch-and-talk ritual … Read more

Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the Journey

As sports fans, we start every season with a minimal-at-best chance of watching our beloved teams win their respective championships. Take the Buffalo Bills, for example—they’ve never won the Super Bowl. That’s a zero percent success rate. Or say you’ve been a Dallas Cowboys fan for the past 50 years. Your team has won it … Read more

Until Summer

Words & Sports

You win some and you lose some, we all know that. But sometimes a loss feels different. Worse. While watching an Ohio State Buckeyes game in 2016, the announcer talked about an interview he did with the Buckeyes coach, Urban Meyer, in which Meyer opened up about the 2015 loss to the Michigan State Spartans. … Read more

Sports Bring People Together

Sports Bring People Together

Now more than ever we need activities that bring us closer. Sports Bring People Together. On this site, we use sports to create metaphors for business. Maybe that sounds a little strange since the two don’t normally go together. If you’re not a sports fan yourself, you might even be wondering why sports? What’s so … Read more