Will You Play Great Even When You Are Losing?

This article was co-written with Spencer Smith of Triple H Tackling Academy. You look up at the scoreboard and it reads 42-7. You are down by 35 points going into the 4th quarter. Are you likely to win at this point? No (although you never know–see UCLA). How you play now might not mean a lot for the scoreboard–but … Read more

Hustle for That Ball Loose on the Court

Words & Sports

It was 2004. I was the new guy at my company, trying to build up my reputation. I had to spend most of my time getting out and just meeting new prospects: financial advisors, property and casualty agencies, and life insurance agents. Once I met them, the idea was to build a relationship and show … Read more

The Side Hustle Is Real and You Can Do It Too

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Are you in a job you don’t love? Do you think you were destined for more? Do you complain about your job, but lack the financial resources to quit? Turns out, there is something you can do about it: hustle. Hustle while you work. Be an entrepreneur mornings, lunches, evenings, and weekends. Earn enough so … Read more

You Make Your Own Luck

You Make Your Own Luck | Golden State Warriors Example | SportsE

It seems like every time you achieve some kind of victory there’s someone who stands up to say “you just got lucky.” What do you do? Get discouraged? That’s a natural response, but it’s not recommended. Far better to let their doubt fuel your fire—or even just ignore it and move on. Actually, you need … Read more