SE Out There | Take Action by Shane Larson, The Gametime Guru

SE Out There | Take Action by Shane Larson of The Gametime Guru

SE Out There. Take Action What is SE Out There: We come across a lot of great sports colliding with entrepreneurship content out there. And we want to share it with you–for them. It’s out there and now we bring it in here. Not just any content, but content that strikes our fancy. This piece … Read more

Motivate Your Team: Lose on Purpose

as proven by the Coach of the 1992 Dream Team Lose on purpose? Have I completely lost it? Some might say I have, but stay with me here. I’m talking about a way to motivate your team. It’s not going to work for everybody—no one thing does—and you have to stay true to yourself and … Read more

College Recruiters Tell a Story: You Should Too

picture this story

Picture yourself as a high school student who is exceptionally good at football. In walks a college football coach. He is going to try to convince you to join his program. He tells you: We have won 2 conference championships in the past 5 years We send players to the NFL every year We have … Read more