SE20 | The Patrick Mahomes Method

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Applying the Patrick Mahomes method as a rookie in business. In this episode, we discuss the Patrick Mahomes method and taking the leap. 

Learning from those around you, applying those methods, and taking the leap has proven to be a successful model for one’s career. 

As a rookie in business, John Priore, a content marketer at KazSource chose this method. 

We see the Patrick Mahomes method as an extreme example of this playing out. John followed it and it allowed him to ready himself to take the field. John talks about his experience in following this method. 

While there is no guaranteed path for success, the takeaway is if you can put yourself in a position to learn from the leaders around you, then apply it, and then take the leap, you give yourself an incredible opportunity. 

With our love of business, sports, and stories, we are excited to feature this story on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.