Best Self Development Book I’ve Read

Recently I was honored to be featured among a group of “influencers” and was asked “What is the best self development book you’ve ever read and why is it different from the rest?” Walk down any self development aisle at the book store or better yet, look up the category on Amazon, and you’ll quickly become overwhelmed … Read more

Young Employees (Players) May Perform Well in the Moment

In sports, you hear contradictory things about rookies (young employees) all the time. That they’re great players because they put it all out there—they don’t know enough yet to feel the pressure, don’t realize how much they’re risking. They are out there having fun, living on the edge, and willing to try new things. Or, that rookies … Read more

Why Great Company Culture Always Wins

As a leader in your business, you are probably thinking about company culture often. I know I do. In my role as founder and CEO of KazSource, culture is the number one aspect of my business I think about, as it impacts literally everything else, from client relationships to the quality of our work, from … Read more

Are You the Business Leader?

Your young and talented player is in a funk. He can’t seem to find the back of the net. In college, he led his team in goals scored, but as a rookie, he has not found the same success on the ice. As a coach, you can understand. You, too, led your team in college … Read more

Thought Leader: Too Much Dribbling

The point guard dribbles up the court, looking to start the offense. The goal is to score a basket. Teammates run to their positions. Everything is set. The point guard dribbles left and doesn’t find an opening. He then dribbles right and is unable to find a play to make. He dribbles back to his … Read more

3 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Commodity

Words & Sports

It’s easy to become a commodity—where everyone looks to beat you up on price or spread. But if you follow these 3 ways, you will not be a commodity anymore. 1) Say NO! This is the most important one. You must have a willingness to say no. If someone wants your product or service for … Read more

How a Key Employee Can Have Major Impact

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

An Ohio State Key Employee Shows Us How Recently, friends have been asking me if I’d seen this ESPN article about a graphic artist who works for Ohio State. I mean, a lot of people have been recommending this article to me, and now that I’ve read it, I can see why; I love this … Read more

The Number One Reason Why You Need Anchor Clients

Words & Sports

My father-in-law, Arthur Judelsohn, was an incredibly passionate and purposeful commercial real estate agent. He was a business owner. And he was a hustler in the sense that he worked hard and made it happen. Unfortunately, he passed away earlier this year. Arthur created a legacy that I try to pass on to others. He … Read more