Be Like LeBron James: Responding to the Getty Fire

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(“Be Like Lebron James: Responding to the Getty Fire is a guest post from one of our editors, Caroline Ailanthus) The Monday before Halloween, strong winds broke a branch off a eucalyptus tree in LA and sent it flying 25 feet into power lines. The resulting spark ignited the Getty Fire, prompting the evacuation of … Read more

The Economics of Sports in Cleveland

A look into how the economics of sports in Cleveland impact and create business   Normally, we think of sports as an opportunity for working people to step away from the craziness of everyday life and relax. But what about when your work is related to sports? We often talk about sports as an analogy … Read more

Mindset Helps | Just Ask the Cleveland Cavaliers

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Up 3-1 in the NBA Finals, it seemed like just a matter of time until the Golden State Warriors were crowned back-to-back NBA Champions. Little did they know the Cleveland Cavaliers had the right mindset to bring about a different outcome. Now mindset wasn’t the only reason the Cavs won. They had LeBron James, Kyrie … Read more