Why Taking Advantage of Luck Matters Most

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in sports and in business   We are at a point in the football season where people like to say this or that team got lucky—that So-and-So wouldn’t have won the game if not for this and that. Sometimes it’s an insult, a way to dismiss somebody’s achievement. Sometimes it’s just a way to have … Read more

Keep Your Composure

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

Basketball is a game of runs–and business can be to. Knowing this is critical. Why? Because not all runs are of good luck. There are days when just everything goes wrong and then keeps going wrong. And how you deal with those tough days, how well you can keep your cool, is ultimately what separates … Read more

You Make Your Own Luck

You Make Your Own Luck | Golden State Warriors Example | SportsE

It seems like every time you achieve some kind of victory there’s someone who stands up to say “you just got lucky.” What do you do? Get discouraged? That’s a natural response, but it’s not recommended. Far better to let their doubt fuel your fire—or even just ignore it and move on. Actually, you need … Read more