The NFL Streaming Era Has Arrived – And It’s Coming for Your Wallet

The NFL Streaming Era Has Arrived

The NFL’s partnership with many streaming services has completely changed how fans access and experience football, offering convenience but also introducing significant financial and logistical challenges. As the league expands its reach through lucrative deals and international games, fans feel the strain of rising costs and fragmented access. This article explores the rise of streaming, … Read more

Audible Style | Amazon Prime Regional Sports Streaming

Amazon Prime Regional Sports Streaming

This is an audible-style blog post on Amazon Prime regional sports streaming — on the SportsE Media platform. The original article is titled “Amazon Prime Saves Bally Sports and Sports Fans Everywhere.” This episode explains Amazon Prime’s transformative role in sports media and its impact on fans and blackout restrictions. Topics touched on in Amazon … Read more

ManningCast Redefines Sports Broadcasting

ManningCast Redefines Sports Broadcasting | SportsE Media

ManningCast: How Two Quarterbacks Are Redefining Sports Viewing ManningCast has hit the sports world like a trick play. What started as two brothers chatting about the game has sparked a broadcast revolution, showing us a new way to enjoy sports – relaxed, unfiltered, and real. The Start of ManningCast Why ManningCast, and why now? It … Read more

Top 3 Best Buckeye Podcasts

The Top 3 Best Buckeye Podcasts | SportsE Media

College football is all about rankings. And at Ohio State, the expectation is number one! But with podcasts, there’s more than enough content and consumption to go around in the world of the best Buckeye podcasts. So, we’re bringing you the top three. Here are the best Buckeye podcasts you shouldn’t miss. 1. Menace 2 … Read more

SportsE Media | Celebrating the Intersection of Sports and Media

SportsE Media

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the realms of sports and media have intertwined more closely than ever before. Amid this captivating fusion lies the dynamic concept of SportsE Media, a term representing the powerful synergy between sports and content creation. In this article, we will explore the multifaceted meaning of SportsE Media, explore the significance … Read more

SE66 | Name Image Likeness with UREPZ Founder, C. Brett Harrell

Podcast SE66 | Name Image Likeness with UREPZ Founder, C. Brett Harrell | App State Soccer Team

Sports and business collide at the collegiate level. A conversation all about Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) with the founder of UREPZ, C. Brett Harrell. Brett Harrell is a marketer, creator, and founder. He has a passion for collegiate athletics and the world around these college athletes. As a former student-athlete himself, playing soccer at App State University, … Read more

SE65 | Founders Therapy Session with Matt Wunderli

Personalizing the platform. An entrepreneurial mindset conversation with the Co-Host of the Founders Therapy Podcast, Matt Wunderli. Matt is the epitome of the word entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Publisher Arts and other startups. Publisher Arts is a media science company. As they say, analytics at the core of digital transformation. Matt is also an … Read more

SE24 | The Good and Bad in Sports Media | The Gametime Guru & The SE Team

Sports and Entrepreneurship Blog Article

Sports media wants your clicks. As sports fans it’s often hard to be unbiased. Being real and genuine goes a long way, and often, sports media is not real or genuine.  

With today’s tools, there are ways to find (or create) the platform you want to see. We talk about the good and the bad in sports media.   

We had Shane Larson, the host of The Gametime Guru Podcast, share his thoughts on this topic in this episode. 

Always Looking to Improve: SportsEpreneur’s New Look

Always Looking to Improve: SportsEpreneur’s New Look | SportsEpreneur

We are happy to annouce SportsEpreneur’s new look. We hope you all enjoy! It’s been three years since SportsEpreneur launched its first blog post. I remember our excitement then, what would SportsEpreneur become? What would people think about it? I’ll tell you what it’s become; It’s a platform that leads to new conversations with people. … Read more

Sports Media Wants Your Clicks—Especially YOU, Buckeye Fans

Sports Media Wants Your Clicks—Especially YOU, Buckeye Fans | SportsEpreneur

Pick a polarizing team in the world of sports. Follow the commentary on that team on social media long enough, and you’ll start to see a pattern, a pattern of negativity—because these aren’t just opinions. These are opinions with an agenda. There are many teams that are polarizing. The Dallas Cowboys, the New England Patriots, the … Read more