SE Remastered | Tom Murphy of the Seattle Mariners

Tom Murphy | Catcher | Seattle Mariners

Hard work and effort. Sounds easy. Sounds boring. Tom Murphy, catcher for the Seattle Mariners proves it is anything but easy and boring. Any ball player and any individual looking for a calming and inspiring influence would do well to watch how Tom carries himself on and off the field. In an effort to amplify … Read more

AthMindset | Peak Performance, Biohacking, and Neurofeedback with Angela Martinucci

AthMindset | Peak Performance, Biohacking, and Neurofeedback with Angela Martinucci

Optimizing the human brain for peak performance. We feature a leader in this space with neurofeedback specialist, Angela Martinucci. Angela has her own story that led to her fascination with cutting-edge wellness technologies. And today she works with professional sports teams, athletes, the cancer community, and many more individuals seeking peak performance and wellness. Angela … Read more

Why MLB Officiating Is Hurting the Game

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

It is one of the most universal rivalries in all of sports — it’s the fans, players, and coaches against the games’ officiators. The umpires and referees are there to do a job and depending on what side of the playing field you’re on, they are either making calls in your team’s favor or against … Read more

Excitement Returns To Major League Baseball

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

An MLB passion piece with the Dodgers and Padres as the catalyst If there is one common argument among young baseball fans and those who don’t dedicate their life to the game, it’s this: baseball is a dying, boring sport. When the Padres hosted the Dodgers for a weekend series in Petco Park, mediocre baseball … Read more

Taking a Stand Against MLB Blackout Restrictions

MLB Blackout Restrictions | SportsEpreneur

If you’re a Major League Baseball fan to any degree, you know how much everyone hates the MLB blackout restrictions. For everyone else, let me break it all down for you. The basic idea of a blackout is if you can go watch a game in person, the league doesn’t want you watching it on … Read more

Is Being a White Sox Fan Driving Me Insane?

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

“Is Being a White Sox Fan Driving Me Insane” is an article written by KazCM creator, Charlie Westerman.  A journey of a million miles begins with a 0-0 start. It was a Friday afternoon last July. I had finished all of my weekly tasks which meant there was only one thing left to focus on: opening night … Read more

SE42 | Leading the Sacramento River Cats with General Manager, Chip Maxson

Positively impacting the lives of players, fans, and the city of Sacramento. In this SportsEpreneur Podcast episode, John Priore chats with Chip Maxson, General Manager of the Sacramento River Cats, AAA Affiliate of the San Francisco Giants.  We discuss mentoring, the city of Sacramento, and leading a baseball organization. 

Chip was the 2019 Pacific Coast League Executive of the Year. He led the Sacramento River Cats to the 2019 AAA National Championship. 

John spent time with Chip at Sutter Health Park, the stadium the River Cats call home. Let’s get into this episode: Leading the Sacramento River Cats with General Manager, Chip Maxson on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

Leading the Sacramento River Cats with General Manager, Chip Maxson
The City of Sacramento
Chip’s Background
How the River Cats Positively Impact the Community
From Intern to General Manager
The Mental Side of Minor League Baseball
The Importance of Networking and Education
Winning the 2019 National Championship
The 2020 Sacramento River Cats

SE15 | The State of Major League Baseball with Eric Kasimov

The State of Major League Baseball with John Priore & Eric Kasimov | Coors Field

America’s Pastime. But is baseball just that, a past time? In this episode, we discuss the state of major league baseball.  

While financially, the MLB is growing… there seem to be some issues with the sport.  

As we look ahead, we discuss some of the issues we believe are going on with Major League Baseball. And look at some ways baseball could get back to being that past time so many love 

I am sure the house is divided on the state of Major League Baseball. Regardless of your opinion, we are fascinated by all of it. Do let us know your thoughts and we can feature them on a future episode. 

SE11 | Bruce Snell | Fundamentals in Sports and Business

Sports and Entrepreneurship Blog Article

Getting back to the fundamentals. Today we speak with Bruce Snell, President of BSG International. In this episode, we discuss breaking through the barrier with fundamentals in sports and business. ——Bruce Snell is a business operations consultant and author of the book, Breaking Through the Four Barriers of Quality. He learned all about overcoming obstacles by playing football in Alabama—100 years ago as he likes to say. His business lessons are a must listen for any entrepreneur. Especially one that has a thing for sports. Bruce’s essential thoughts in business and his lessons learned in the sports world has us excited to feature him on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

SE10 | Ann Lademann | Kids In Seats

SE - Sports Bring People Together - podcast cover

Changing lives one ticket at a time. Today we speak with Ann Lademann, Executive Director of Kids In Seats. In this episode, we discuss attending sporting events, storytelling, and Kids In Seats. We hosted Ann in the office and instead of a typical podcast chat, we recorded our meeting. It’s not the best sound quality as it’s a documentary style podcast instead of an arranged podcast. We hope you enjoy it!——Kids In Seats is a non-profit organization that promotes achievement in disadvantaged youth by using event experiences as motivational tools to recognize and reward their academic achievement and positive social behavior. Ann’s desire and passion to reach more at-risk children led her to form Kids In Seats in March 2017 with Rae Anne McLaughlin.At SportsEpreneur, we are partnering with Kids In Seats because we believe in their cause and we are excited to share their story with you.  Ann’s success in and out of the business world has us excited to feature him on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.