Danita Johnson, D.C. United | Consistency, Communication, Commitment

Danita Johnson, D.C. United | Consistency, Communication, Commitment

In this empowering episode of Athlete Mindset, we’re honored to host Danita Johnson, a trailblazer in the world of sports. As the President of Business Operations for D.C. United, Danita brings a wealth of experience, innovation, and leadership to the forefront. We discuss the core themes of consistency, communication, and commitment. And then explore how … Read more

The Importance of Being Frugal with Amobi Okugo

The Importance of Being Frugal with Amobi Okugo

For Amobi Okugo, efficiency is paramount. While we recognize that efficiency is crucial for high-performing athletes, Amobi extends this concept beyond the realm of sports. Efficient living is not just about optimizing athletic performance; it’s also a key element in managing our lives and finances effectively. This is particularly important for athletes, given their shorter … Read more

Professional Soccer Goalkeeper Talks Readiness

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“It’s about being ready for your moment… It’s good to be pissed off and it’s good to keep that fire burning because ultimately that’s what is going to keep you going and keep you pushing for more.” – Professional Soccer Goalkeeper, Jeff Attinella. In this inspiring SE podcast episode, we revisit a discussion Eric Kasimov … Read more

SE27 | Jeff Attinella | Portland Timbers Goalkeeper Has Many Stories

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“Goalkeeping is 75 percent mental.” In this episode, we chat with Jeff Attinella, goalkeeper for the Portland Timbers of the MLS. We talk the mind of a soccer goalkeeper, the Portland Timbers, and an athlete creating content.  All of this and more with Portland goalkeeper, Jeff Attinella. 

Jeff led the Timbers’ team to the 2018 MLS Cup. He played college soccer in his home state at the University of South Florida. His junior season he was an All American and Big East goalkeeper of the year. In the MLS, besides playing for the Portland Timbers Attinella also played for Real Salt Lake and was a backup goalie during their MLS Cup run in 2013. 

Besides being a goalkeeper, Jeff is husband, father and a content creator. A creator in the sense that he is a podcast host and children’s book author. You can hear his podcast From J to Z on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. His children’s books can be found on his publishing platform, ItHadToBeTold.com or Amazon. You can see links to his books below. After you spend time listening to Jeff and learning about his story, you will absolutely be drawn to his content.  

One thing that really stood out in this chat is Jeff’s mindfulness. We believe you’ll come to understand what I mean after listening to this conversation.

We are excited to feature Jeff Attinella on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

Making a Positive Impact: A Columbus Crew Story

Making a Positive Impact: A Columbus Crew Story | SportsEpreneur

Passionate and positive fans can make a difference. The Columbus Crew staying home proves that. Soccer is not a major professional sport in the United States, though it’s enormous internationally, but Americans still follow and play the game. And when we do, we often get passionately involved.    Which brings me to the Columbus Crew. My son and … Read more