Tribalism in Sports x Player Mindset | Buckeye Focused 8

Fan Psychology, Tribalism in Sports, and Player Mindset | Buckeye Focused 8

Fan psychology and player mindset play an enormous role in sports — especially when we add tribalism to the equation. Tribalism in sports is nothing new. It’s just that we see and deal with it more than ever because of social media. And when it comes to Buckeye sports (football) we see it weekly! We … Read more

Iowa Football Racial Bias Scandal | Toledo Rockets, Diauntae Morrow, Speaks Truths on Time at Iowa + Bucks vs Rockets in The Shoe | Buckeye Focused 3


Nate Oliver brings on former Iowa Hawkeye and Toledo Rockets safety, Diauntae Morrow, to talk Buckeyes vs Rockets. But the simple fact of these two teams facing off in The Shoe only brought us together to have this dialogue. As our rallying cry goes, “sports bring people together”.  And this conversation is more than just … Read more

Notre Dame vs Ohio State Preview, Expectations of Jim Knowles’ Defense, and Twitter Warrior of the Week with Buckeye, Nate Oliver | Buckeye Focused 1


The pilot episode for Buckeye Focused! Welcome to the newest Ohio State Buckeye football podcast. It’s week one and the Notre Dame Golden Domers are coming to The Shoe for a top 5 matchup. We have to talk about it! This season 1, week 1 episode of Buckeye Focused is renting space on SportsE+, for … Read more

SportsMatterz | College Basketball Needs to Change with Fran Fraschilla

College Basketball Needs to Change with Fran Fraschilla

“College basketball is on an island.” – Coach Alan Major in conversation with Fran Fraschilla Who better to talk to about the practical and essential changes college basketball needs to make in order to evolve and keep up with basketball globally. In today’s game, college basketball is just one of the options that exist before … Read more

AthMindset | Student-Athlete Mental Health with Max Castin

AthMindset | Student-Athlete Mental Health with Max Castin

“I hope my story can help someone out. Even if it helps just one person, I’ll be happy with that.” – Max Castin “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift… that’s why they call it present” ― Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda (source) This is an episode all about student-athlete … Read more

The Future of College Basketball – Where Is It Headed?

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

March Madness is the time of year for die-hard college basketball fans and bystanders alike to put together competitive brackets and have friendly banter over which team they believe will cut down the net and take home the hardware. Some partakers will support a low-seeded underdog, but most will typically bet on teams like Kentucky, … Read more