Why I’m a Fan: John Priore on the Mets and Jets

Why I’m a Fan: John Priore on the Jets and Mets | SportsEpreneur

Growing up in New York, you typically choose a pair of teams; The Jets and the Mets or the Giants and the Yankees.   On one side, you have proven success, excitement, and 31 combined championships.   On the other side, you have heartbreak, disappointment, and just 3 championships- none since 1986.   Honestly, I didn’t choose my … Read more

Young Professionals: Sam Darnold

Young Professionals: Sam Darnold | SportsEpreneur

If you know me, you know two things: one, I am a rookie in the business world; and two, I am a die-hard New York Jets fan.    If you know anything about the New York Jets, you know that they have been tough to watch for some time now. Part of that has had … Read more