Super Bowl Business Lessons | Charlotte, NC | SportsEpreneur

Super Bowl Business Lessons

Takeaways from the Big Game | Or Simply Put, Super Bowl Business Lessons From Super Bowl 54 As we look back on the 2020 Super Bowl, we can’t help but look for ways to learn from it. While these aren’t lessons for us to teach our favorite teams how to make it to the Super…

Marques Sullivan | The Pride of Being a Buffalo Bill | SE Podcast

SE22 | Marques Sullivan | The Pride of Being a Buffalo Bill

Providing insight into the positives of playing for the Buffalo Bills. In this episode, we discuss Buffalo, New York, an NFL career, and building a business that helps high school athletes reach their dreams. All of this and more with former Illinois and Buffalo Bills offensive lineman, Marques Sullivan.

Marques and Eric met on Twitter after Marques made his thoughts felt about someone hating on Buffalo, NY.  Marques wasn’t having any of that. As someone who was born and raised in Buffalo, Eric was drawn to his commentary. From that, he’s come to learn about all the amazing things Marques is doing. So it’s an honor to chat with Marques on this podcast. 

With that, we are excited to feature Marques Sullivan on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

John Priore and Eric Kasimov | The Patrick Mahomes Method | SE Pod

SE20 | John Priore and Eric Kasimov | The Patrick Mahomes Method

Applying the Patrick Mahomes method as a rookie in business. In this episode, we discuss the Patrick Mahomes method and taking the leap. 

Learning from those around you, applying those methods, and taking the leap has proven to be a successful model for one’s career. 

As a rookie in business, John Priore, a content marketer at KazSource chose this method. 

We see the Patrick Mahomes method as an extreme example of this playing out. John followed it and it allowed him to ready himself to take the field. John talks about his experience in following this method. 

While there is no guaranteed path for success, the takeaway is if you can put yourself in a position to learn from the leaders around you, then apply it, and then take the leap, you give yourself an incredible opportunity. 

With our love of business, sports, and stories, we are excited to feature this story on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

Insurance Playbook for Success

Insurance Playbook for Success

The New England Patriots Model | by Mitch Long As a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan, it is hard for me to say nice things about the New England Patriots–but I have to admire the organization and their consistent success. It is no accident that they keep winning year after year. In the insurance industry, we…

Bruce Snell | Fundamentals in Sports and Business | SE Podcast

SE11 | Bruce Snell | Fundamentals in Sports and Business

Getting back to the fundamentals. Today we speak with Bruce Snell, President of BSG International. In this episode, we discuss breaking through the barrier with fundamentals in sports and business. ——Bruce Snell is a business operations consultant and author of the book, Breaking Through the Four Barriers of Quality. He learned all about overcoming obstacles by playing football in Alabama—100 years ago as he likes to say. His business lessons are a must listen for any entrepreneur. Especially one that has a thing for sports. Bruce’s essential thoughts in business and his lessons learned in the sports world has us excited to feature him on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.