How NIL Impacted the NFL Draft

NIL Podcast | NIL4U

In this episode of NIL4U, Rob Finkelstein and Trent Clark are joined by David Gregory, an NFL agent and founder of Bullrush Sports. They discuss how NIL impacted the NFL Draft — specifically, how athletes made decisions regarding their college eligibility due to Name, Image, and Likeness opportunities. They also touch on the success of … Read more

The NFL Streaming Era Has Arrived – And It’s Coming for Your Wallet

The NFL Streaming Era Has Arrived

The NFL’s partnership with many streaming services has completely changed how fans access and experience football, offering convenience but also introducing significant financial and logistical challenges. As the league expands its reach through lucrative deals and international games, fans feel the strain of rising costs and fragmented access. This article explores the rise of streaming, … Read more

ESPN BET | The Sports Leader Is All-In on Sports Betting

ESPN BET The Sports Leader Is All-In on Sports Betting

ESPN has made a bold move in a world where sports and betting increasingly intertwine. With its venture, ESPN Bet, the network is not just a bystander but a proactive player in the sports betting arena. This shift reflects a broader trend where major sports leagues and media giants are diving deep into the lucrative … Read more

The Legalization of Sports Betting in North Carolina | Big Money

Sports Betting in NC | The Legalization

On March 11, 2024, sports betting in NC (North Carolina) became officially legal, marking a pivotal shift in the state’s economic and regulatory landscape. This significant development is set to boost tax revenue and create new economic opportunities, reshaping how stakeholders across various sectors engage with the sporting world. This article explores intricate details of … Read more

NFL Viewership Trends

NFL Viewership Trends

Since 2021, the National Football League (NFL) has experienced a remarkable surge in viewership, and each season, they are setting new milestones and breaking records as their viewership trends continue to rise. In 2023, NFL regular season games averaged 17.9 million viewers, tying the second-highest mark since it was first tracked in 1995. This has … Read more

Arizona Cardinals Offseason Expectations | 2024

Arizona Cardinals Offseason Expectations | 2024

We are well into the 2024 NFL offseason — it’s an exciting time that can bring new coaches, free-agent players, and rookies from the NFL Draft. The Arizona Cardinals, for one, are definitely in need of a new cornerstone piece, as their roster did not show any signs of improvement in 2023. But they finished … Read more

NFL and Mental Health

NFL and Mental Health

NFL and Mental Health – its Game Plan for Wellness Mental health is an aspect of the game that doesn’t always make the headlines, but it’s becoming a key player in how teams operate and players perform. From Physical to Mental Fitness in the NFL The NFL, known for its intense physicality, is now putting … Read more