Mike Hollis | Professional Football Player Turned Entrepreneur

Mike Hollis | Professional Football Player Turned Entrepreneur

A true athlete turned entrepreneur. Our guest today is Mike Hollis, former professional football player for the Jacksonville Jaguars. In this episode we discuss the life of an NFL Kicker and the transition from pro sports to entrepreneurship.  


You remember Mike as the kicker that took down Eric’s Buffalo Bills in the 1996 Playoffs! Mike played in the NFL for 9 years with the Jags, Bills, and New York Giants. 

Mike lives in Jacksonville, FL where he runs ProForm Kicking Academy and is a Managing Partner in a software development company in the meal prep industry. 

He has a lot to say about youth sports, how to handle high stakes pressure, and of course entrepreneurship! 

Mike’s success on and off the field have us excited to feature him on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

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