Hockey Goes South

Hockey Goes South | The Sports Backdrop Podcast

In this episode of The Sports Backdrop podcast, we chat with Chris Heivly, a successful entrepreneur (co-founder of MapQuest), and an ardent lover of hockey. Chris resides in the Raleigh, North Carolina area — after spending 10 years in the bustling city of Chicago (and before that, the northeast). This hockey goes south episode is … Read more

SportsMatterz | Being a Hockey Enforcer with Josh Gratton

Josh Gratton | Being a Hockey Enforcer | SportsEpreneur

What is it like to be a hockey enforcer in all leagues including the NHL? And what’s the impact on the athlete’s mental health? This SportsMatterz podcast episode features former hockey player Josh Gratton talking about what it was like to be a hockey enforcer and all that it meant towards playing time, making a … Read more

The Washington Capitals Recurring Obstacle

Words & Sports

Learning about overcoming obstacles from watching the Washington Capitals  There it is again. You’ve come so far, but then there’s that familiar old obstacle in your way and the success just stops. We’ve all run into it. Some people call it running into a brick wall. Some people call it hitting a plateau. A certain … Read more

Pro Hockey Has Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Sports and Entrepreneurship Blog Article

Hockey Lessons for Entrepreneurs Because We Love Hockey and We Love Business Speed. Aggression. Knowing when to take a risk. Knowing how to keep your cool. Knowing when to drop the gloves. The right strategy. The right talent in the right roles.  All of those things are elements of a successful hockey team — and a … Read more

The Stanley Cup Deserves Insurance Too

The Stanley Cup Deserves Insurance Too

A story about one of the most storied trophies in professional sports. The Stanley Cup.   The NHL Playoffs concluded in the spring of 2017 with the Pittsburgh Penguins winning it all for the second consecutive season. You had the best teams in the league vying to become Champions and win the one and only Stanley Cup. There really … Read more