Top 3 Best Buckeye Podcasts

The Top 3 Best Buckeye Podcasts | SportsE Media

College football is all about rankings. And at Ohio State, the expectation is number one! But with podcasts, there’s more than enough content and consumption to go around in the world of the best Buckeye podcasts. So, we’re bringing you the top three. Here are the best Buckeye podcasts you shouldn’t miss. 1. Menace 2 … Read more

Ryan Day Names the Buckeye Starting QB, or Did He?

Ryan Day Names the Buckeye Starting QB, or Did He?

The Intrigue of the Buckeye Starting QB Drama is a Tale of Predictions, Surprises, and Fan Frenzy. Every morning, as the summer sun rises over Columbus, Ohio, fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes wake up with a burning question: Who will be the starting quarterback for one of the nation’s premier college football programs? In … Read more

The Kyle McCord Upside Is Buckeye Legend

The Kyle McCord Upside is Buckeye Legend | SportsEpreneur

Buckle up, Buckeyes fans. You’re about to witness the emergence of a new Ohio State great. Kyle McCord, a name that’s about to become a big deal in the world of Ohio State football, is ready to take center stage as the Buckeyes’ quarterback. As he steps into this pivotal role, we have every reason … Read more

The Power of Conversation

Buckeye Focused podcast by SportsE Media

In this thought-provoking episode, Eric and Nate Oliver engage in a heartfelt dialogue about the power of conversation, the importance of perspective, sharing our personal stories, and the role of reflection in personal growth. During the podcast, Nate Oliver shares the valuable lessons and experiences he gained during his time at Ohio State. He reflects … Read more

A Smile Costs You Nothing

Buckeye Focused podcast by SportsE Media

Welcome back to Buckeye Focused podcast, Season 2! In this episode, Eric and Nate dive into the power of a simple smile and how it can have a profound impact on our daily interactions. Through discussing the Golden Rule and the benefits of limiting social media usage, they provide practical tips on how to maintain … Read more

Just Drop Down and Do 10 Pushups Right Now | Take Action

Buckeye Focused podcast by SportsE Media

Contemplating about taking the action most often ends up in not taking the action at all. Instead of overthinking, take action, now! We all lack motivation sometimes, but accept the responsibility — go to the gym, go for a run, go for a walk, start a podcast, whatever, but do it now! You will feel … Read more

Dealing with High Expectations on and off the Field | The Game

Buckeye Focused podcast by SportsE Media

This is IT! The Game! Ohio State vs. Michigan. As Nate says, “it’s our get-back opportunity.” So many will be dealing with high expectations. How individuals and teams handle those expectations is everything. In this episode we discuss: THE game – Ohio State vs. Michigan. This game is everything. Desmond Howard disrespecting CJ Stroud The … Read more

Jack Tatum and The Game | Buckeye Focused

Buckeye Focused podcast by SportsE Media

As we all know, life is deeper than just football. It goes without saying. That doesn’t mean sports aren’t important — if anything that’s why they are important. Sports bring people together, sports create stories, sports teach you about winning and losing, sports get you in shape, sports get you interested, and sports matter because … Read more