SportsMatterz | Steve Lavin on Brent Musburger: “Stay Interested Kid”

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Brent Musburger. Known for the lines he dropped. Dropped a profound one on Steve Lavin when he was coming up in the broadcasting world: “Stay interested kid.” This SportsMatterz podcast episode features that story told by Steve Lavin about that day in Detroit, Michigan when Brent Musburger gave this wisdom in three short words that … Read more

SE45 | The Olympian Mindset with Swimmer, Cullen Jones (Part 2)

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Stories from the pool told by a man on a mission. This is part two of Eric Kasimov’s conversation with Cullen Jones, USA Olympian, world record holder, and Olympic gold medalist. In this episode, Eric and Cullen discuss the Olympian mindset, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Michael Jordan’s influence on Cullen, and the dramatic 4×100 … Read more

World Cup Lesson #1: Patience

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I watch as many World Cup Soccer games I can, and the one thing that stands out more than anything else is patience.  Sure, at the end of the game, urgency can creep in. But mostly, the game is filled with patience.  Passing, pausing, waiting, making a run up the field only to have the player … Read more

Patience Learned at a Girls Volleyball Practice in Charlotte

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Volleyballs are bouncing everywhere. Girls are laughing. And here I am thinking to myself, through all the chaos of volleyballs and loud noises, about fun and patience. I preach both fun and patience often on this blog, to those in my office, and to myself. Yes, I tell myself things. It’s either that or let … Read more

How Business is Like a Major League Baseball Season

It’s opening day in baseball. The grass is freshly cut, the smell of hot dogs is in the air, and everyone in the stands is excited about their team’s chances this season. But the playoffs are a long way away—the season is 162 games! If you exhaust yourself early, you’ll never make it, but if … Read more

3 Uses for Patience in Golf and Business

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I remember one summer evening in Charlotte, looking toward the 2nd hole with my then five-year-old daughter, waiting to take a shot at the green. There is a three-some in front of us, but I’m quite relaxed and in no rush. I am with my daughter, the weather is great, and we have snacks. We … Read more

Patience: Let the Play Develop

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In football, they often remind the quarterback to “let the play develop,” meaning to have patience, to not try to force things prematurely. Consider this example: You’re the quarterback. The play called is two simple out patterns; you drop back to pass, while each wide receiver on the outside runs about ten yards and cuts … Read more

5 Ways Young Players can put in the Work

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How often do you hear stories about young players in sports frustrated by how little they get to play? When high school players move up to college, or college players turn pro, all of a sudden they’re not stars anymore. As “the new kid on the block,” they don’t receive the same playing time, they … Read more