Top 3 Best Buckeye Podcasts

The Top 3 Best Buckeye Podcasts | SportsE Media

College football is all about rankings. And at Ohio State, the expectation is number one! But with podcasts, there’s more than enough content and consumption to go around in the world of the best Buckeye podcasts. So, we’re bringing you the top three. Here are the best Buckeye podcasts you shouldn’t miss. 1. Menace 2 … Read more

Michelle Colson | Footballer and Beyond

Michelle Colson | Footballer and Beyond | Athlete Mindset

Michelle Colson, a professional footballer, reflects on her journey to becoming the player she is today and explores her personal growth beyond the football field. In this episode: Michelle Colson recalls her childhood where she often found herself as the only girl on the pitch. Michelle discusses her decision to become an ambassador for Devine … Read more

Why This Former Athlete Believes In Podcasts

former athlete believes in podcasting | SportsE Media

Podcasts have become an influential medium in the sports world, bridging gaps between athletes, enthusiasts, and the media. It goes deeper than that though. Former athletes, for example, have so many stories to share. In this episode of The Sports Backdrop, we discuss why podcasts resonate so powerfully today, and specifically why this former athlete … Read more

Oklahoma Softball Three-Peat Stories with Shortstop, Grace Turk

FROM THE PLAYERS - Presented by SportsEpreneur

In this episode of From The Players, Grace Turk shares Oklahoma Softball three-peat stories from winning her third national title with the Oklahoma Sooners, getting married to NFL punter Michael Turk, and starting her new position at Fellowship of Christian Athletes. An episode that takes an inside look at Grace’s softball career with the Oklahoma … Read more