Young Professionals: Sam Darnold

Young Professionals: Sam Darnold | SportsEpreneur

If you know me, you know two things: one, I am a rookie in the business world; and two, I am a die-hard New York Jets fan.    If you know anything about the New York Jets, you know that they have been tough to watch for some time now. Part of that has had … Read more

Role Players Still Count

Role Players Still Count | MJ

Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, was known for his heroics in clutch moments. But how good would Jordan have been if he hadn’t had guys like Dennis Rodman to secure defensive rebounds or Scottie Pippen to do the myriad of things Scottie did? Of course, MJ is the player that took the game … Read more

The Story About My Summer Internship

the story of my summer internship - sportsepreneur and kazsource

This is my story of the summer internship with KazSource, Inc. The company that owns this content platform, SportsEpreneur. -by John Priore   Flash back to the morning of May 8th. My alarm goes off, I wake up, hop in the shower, and start my day. During my hour drive to South Charlotte, I think about my new summer internship with KazSource. What will it be like? … Read more

Young Employees (Players) May Perform Well in the Moment

Young employees

In sports, you hear contradictory things about rookies (young employees) all the time. That they’re great players because they put it all out there—they don’t know enough yet to feel the pressure, don’t realize how much they’re risking. They are out there having fun, living on the edge, and willing to try new things. Or, that rookies … Read more

The Importance of Rookies in Business: Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott: The Importance of Rookies

Everybody gets to be a rookie at some point. Maybe you’re just out of college. Maybe you’re switching careers from management to sales, or starting your own company. Beginning something new is always a risk—not all rookies succeed. But some do very well.   Ezekiel Elliott was chosen fourth overall in the 2016 NFL Draft. … Read more

5 Ways Young Players can put in the Work

5 Ways Young Players can put in the Work

How often do you hear stories about young players in sports frustrated by how little they get to play? When high school players move up to college, or college players turn pro, all of a sudden they’re not stars anymore. As “the new kid on the block,” they don’t receive the same playing time, they … Read more