Listening Skills: Do You Hear Jimi Hendrix?

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White Men Can’t Jump was an iconic 90’s movie about street basketball. For this post, we are going to pull out and really look at this one line we’ve paraphrased below: “You listen to Jimi Hendrix, but you don’t hear Jimi.” We aren’t going to dissect the meaning of every word in this line, but … Read more

Self-Awareness Leads to Success as Proven by the Princeton Offense

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Remember that great upset in the 1996 NCAA Basketball Tournament? The one where the defending champion, the talent-laden UCLA Bruins, lost in a thrilling last-minute game to Princeton? Watch it here: Go to 4:07 of the video. UCLA was favored in every way–talent, point spread, seeding. And while upsets do happen, the way Princeton did it … Read more