The NFL Streaming Era Has Arrived – And It’s Coming for Your Wallet

The NFL Streaming Era Has Arrived

The NFL’s partnership with many streaming services has completely changed how fans access and experience football, offering convenience but also introducing significant financial and logistical challenges. As the league expands its reach through lucrative deals and international games, fans feel the strain of rising costs and fragmented access. This article explores the rise of streaming, … Read more

ESPN’s Ethical Issues & Journalistic Integrity Concerns

ESPN Ethical Issues Journalistic Integrity on the Line

In a bold yet controversial move, ESPN launched ESPN Bet in November 2023, entering the sports betting arena. This strategic pivot underscores ESPN’s relentless pursuit of profit and sparks intense debate about the ethical ramifications of such a venture. Without question, ESPN’s ethical issues are a major topic of conversation with ESPN Bet in the … Read more

The Legalization of Sports Betting in North Carolina | Big Money

Sports Betting in NC | The Legalization

On March 11, 2024, sports betting in NC (North Carolina) became officially legal, marking a pivotal shift in the state’s economic and regulatory landscape. This significant development is set to boost tax revenue and create new economic opportunities, reshaping how stakeholders across various sectors engage with the sporting world. This article explores intricate details of … Read more

NFL Viewership Trends

NFL Viewership Trends

Since 2021, the National Football League (NFL) has experienced a remarkable surge in viewership, and each season, they are setting new milestones and breaking records as their viewership trends continue to rise. In 2023, NFL regular season games averaged 17.9 million viewers, tying the second-highest mark since it was first tracked in 1995. This has … Read more

Amazon Prime Saves Bally Sports and Sports Fans Everywhere

Amazon Prime Saves Bally Sports and Sports Fans Everywhere

Imagine driving 2 and a half hours to a Carolina Hurricanes game, watching your kid fall in love with the team and the atmosphere, only to discover that the games are blacked out back home in Charlotte. Or, picture being a Cleveland Guardians fan in Buffalo, NY, frustrated because you can’t watch your favorite team … Read more

Should The Golden State Warriors Start Chris Paul?

Should The Golden State Warriors Start Chris Paul? | SportsE Media

As the NBA offseason continues, the Golden State Warriors find themselves in a unique situation. With the loss of Jordan Poole and James Wiseman this year, they have given up two pieces of what many thought would be the franchise’s future. After re-signing Draymond Green to a four-year, $100 million contract and trading for Chris … Read more