Sports Betting Addiction Is on the Rise

Sports Betting Addiction is on the Rise

Six years ago, sports betting was illegal under federal law. Today, it is everywhere. From TV ads to billboards, the rapid growth of sports betting is undeniable. The 2018 Supreme Court ruling that lifted the federal ban on sports betting opened the floodgates, dramatically increasing legal wagers and industry revenue. While this has brought significant … Read more

ESPN’s Ethical Issues & Journalistic Integrity Concerns

ESPN Ethical Issues Journalistic Integrity on the Line

In a bold yet controversial move, ESPN launched ESPN Bet in November 2023, entering the sports betting arena. This strategic pivot underscores ESPN’s relentless pursuit of profit and sparks intense debate about the ethical ramifications of such a venture. Without question, ESPN’s ethical issues are a major topic of conversation with ESPN Bet in the … Read more

ESPN BET | The Sports Leader Is All-In on Sports Betting

ESPN BET The Sports Leader Is All-In on Sports Betting

ESPN has made a bold move in a world where sports and betting increasingly intertwine. With its venture, ESPN Bet, the network is not just a bystander but a proactive player in the sports betting arena. This shift reflects a broader trend where major sports leagues and media giants are diving deep into the lucrative … Read more

SE68 | Fanalyze the Game with Juan Juan

Fanalyze the Game with co-founder, Juan Juan | A SportsEpreneur Podcast

Fanalyze states that on average, fantasy sports research per player accounts for 10 hours per week! That’s mind-blowing. Fanalyze aims to simplify and shorten the time spent analyzing the sports data. Simply put, Fanalyze is the fastest way to analyze fantasy sports and sports betting data. Juan Juan, the co-founder, says Fanalyze aims to be … Read more