AthMindset | Carlos Yustis | Sports Anchor for Telemundo 48 Bay Area

Carlos Yustis on the SportsE podcast | Telemundo 48 Bay Area

“You can be involved in professional sports besides being a player.” -Lisa Bonta Sumii responding to Carlos Yustis talking about his proud moments covering sports. In this episode, Lisa Bonta Sumii shares space with Carlos Yustis, Sports Anchor for Telemundo 48 in the Bay Area. Lisa and Carlos talk about becoming a sports anchor, the … Read more

Media Betting on Sports Betting

Sports and Business Content Platform | SportsEpreneur

Thinking through media and sports betting There was a time where gambling content had a sleazy feel to it. That’s probably because mainstream media was not talking about it. In fact, if someone in the media talked about “betting”, people would laugh or cringe. Remember how Brent Musburger would always reference the line for the … Read more

A Polarizing Baker Mayfield and the Sports Media | SportsEpreneur Take

Sports and Entrepreneurship Blog Article

At SportsEpreneur, we like to pay attention to the sports media.  For example: The disingenuous behavior of the mainstream media: here’s an article and podcast on the topic. The good we can find in the sports world And other stories that pique our interest for whatever reason, like this Baker Mayfield story. The polarizing Baker Mayfield gave the media what they wanted. … Read more