Special Episode: LG Transparent Conversations Series – NCAA Episode Part 1: The Big Dance® and the Road to the Elite Stage

Special Episode: LG Transparent Conversations Series - NCAA Episode Part 1: The Big Dance® and the Road to the Elite Stage

In this week’s very special episode of Athlete Mindset, host Lisa Bonta Sumii sits in on a conversation with Prim Siripipat, host of The Next Chapter, as part of LG Electronics’ Transparent Conversations live podcast series discussing Student-Athlete mental health and wellbeing. The conversation took place from the LG Fan Court experience on-location for the Men’s Final Four Championship in … Read more

You Are More Than Your Sport | Bliss Radio Jordan

You Are More Than Your Sport | Bliss Radio Jordan

In this episode of Athlete Mindset, host Lisa Bonta Sumii was invited as a guest on Bliss Radio Jordan’s “Rise and Shine” show. The short interview covers a range of topics including mental health, mental performance, the zone of optimal functioning, emotional adjustment, and the stigma surrounding mental health. Lisa also touches on the importance … Read more

Sports as an Outlet | Oakland “Roots Radio”

Sports as an Outlet | Oakland "Roots Radio"

This episode of Athlete Mindset features Lisa Bonta Sumii as a guest on Roots Radio, the official podcast of the Oakland Roots. In this engaging conversation, Roots Radio host, Richie Nuñez sits down with Lisa, an accomplished Mental Performance Coach for the Oakland Roots Sports Club, to explore the various facets of becoming a top-tier … Read more

Sports& with Jesse Marsh: Episode 1 | Delson Training

Sports& with Jesse Marsh

Delson Training: Inside the World of a Professional Basketball Skills Trainer Sports& presents a conversation with professional basketball skills trainer, Delson Fleurmond, founder of Delson Training — a professional basketball skills training company. In this episode, Jesse Marsh and Delson Fleurmond talk about: Delson’s journey from Haiti to Elizabeth, New Jersey how he started playing … Read more

Why I Created Sports&

Why I Created Sports& | with Jesse Marsh | Presented by SportsEpreneur

When I began my competitive swimming career as an eight-year-old, my ultimate goal was to go to the Olympics. The Olympics remained my dream for most of my career. I was willing to do anything for it. Two practices a day, every day, 12 months a year. My world revolved around getting to that goal. … Read more

What To Make Of Pandemic Sports

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

Call me a pre-pandemic sports person, but the pandemic-era sports were missing something for me. What was missing? Writing helps me think, so I hope you’ll stick with me as I write through this—I have no outline, no agenda, just some things on my mind. Maybe I just need to get some things off my chest.  At … Read more

Vanessa Bryant Launches Mambacita Clothing Brand

Sports and Entrepreneurship Blog Article

Kobe Bryant’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, is launching a clothing brand, Mambacita, in honor of her late daughter, Gigi. The brand name is in the representation of the nickname given to Gigi by father Kobe, whose nickname on the court was Black Mamba. Bryant released the clothing line on May 1st in honor of what would … Read more

NASCAR: A New Era of Fandom

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

This article, “NASCAR: A New Era of Fandom” highlighting the good that NASCAR is doing to build a new era of fandom was written by SportsEpreneur’s own, Michael Wilson. It’s difficult opening up social media and, regardless of whichever side you lean towards, to not get angry at all the events going on right now. However, … Read more

Why Sports and Business Content?

Sports and Business Content Platform | SportsEpreneur

Why do I run a content platform about sports and business? I could talk about how SportsEpreneur fits in with the rest of my business plan, or I could talk about how it gives value to the public and to current and potential clients. All of that is true. But right now I want to talk about what the … Read more

SE24 | The Good and Bad in Sports Media | The Gametime Guru & The SE Team

Sports and Entrepreneurship Blog Article

Sports media wants your clicks. As sports fans it’s often hard to be unbiased. Being real and genuine goes a long way, and often, sports media is not real or genuine.  

With today’s tools, there are ways to find (or create) the platform you want to see. We talk about the good and the bad in sports media.   

We had Shane Larson, the host of The Gametime Guru Podcast, share his thoughts on this topic in this episode.