Work For the Pursuit of Money or Happiness?

Work For the Pursuit of Money or Happiness? | SportsEpreneur

The Strategy Addict | “Work For the Pursuit of Money or Happiness” is part of a series of articles written by Shane Snively.  We have done a lot of podcasts at SportsEpreneur. I get a little something from all of them, but this podcast hit me emotionally like no other. It’s not every day a … Read more

Self-Awareness Leads to Success as Proven by the Princeton Offense

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Remember that great upset in the 1996 NCAA Basketball Tournament? The one where the defending champion, the talent-laden UCLA Bruins, lost in a thrilling last-minute game to Princeton? Watch it here: Go to 4:07 of the video. UCLA was favored in every way–talent, point spread, seeding. And while upsets do happen, the way Princeton did it … Read more