The System Matters

I never thought I was a system-guy. I thought a system had to be precise, something you follow exactly, and I go by feel most of the time. I’m flexible. Except when I dissected my process, there was a system. I had just never thought about it that way before. Why did I start examining … Read more

Systems: 5 ways to Use the Feedly RSS Reader

During a recent drive I caught some of Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s show on SiriusXM. While I’d heard the show before, this time I was really struck by how well informed he is, not just about college basketball and other sports, but about business in general. It got me thinking about how we go about finding … Read more

Systems: 1 Way to Mimic the NFL Using Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable – A tool I couldn’t do without When you’re watching an NFL game, ever notice the quarterback and offensive coordinator on the sidelines talking…and they’re both looking at something? That something is a tablet. Technology makes transferring and reviewing information simpler, faster, and more efficient—and that’s what you want, in both sports and … Read more