How Do You Acquire Talent For Your Business?

Last year, we explored the idea that talent for your business matters, that while raw talent alone is not enough to ensure victory, it’s hard to get very far without it. The Cleveland Cavaliers demonstrated that principle very well last year.  This year, the Golden State Warriors helped us make the same point again.  But how do you get … Read more

How a Key Employee Can Have Major Impact

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An Ohio State Key Employee Shows Us How Recently, friends have been asking me if I’d seen this ESPN article about a graphic artist who works for Ohio State. I mean, a lot of people have been recommending this article to me, and now that I’ve read it, I can see why; I love this … Read more

Talent Does Matter, Just Ask the Cleveland Cavaliers

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship, in part, because they were lucky enough to have some great players. Maybe that sounds like a put-down, like they didn’t work for it, and that’s not what I mean at all. This is not me raining on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ parade—which, by the way, was an incredible … Read more

3 People Impacted by Your Information Fire Hose

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It’s late spring. NFL Teams have made their draft picks and are now in the early stages of mini-camps. Soon enough, training camp will be here. Information is flowing at a rapid pace to the new, young players—and maybe it’s too rapid. Talent needs time to develop. While all teams are looking for the next … Read more

The 4 Ways Marcus Mariota will have a Successful NFL Career

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Marcus Mariota built an impressive career in college football, winning the Heisman Trophy, among other honors. In 2015, he was the second overall draft pick, right behind Jameis Winston. With the Tennessee Titans, he became the first NFL quarterback in history, and the youngest, to get a perfect passer rating in his first regular season … Read more