Championship or Bust. Or None of the Above

Championship or Bust. Or None of the Above

Is It All About Championships? It Can’t Be. “This is the year we win it all.” “It’s championship or bust!” Words echoed from New York City to Buffalo to Cleveland to Phoenix to Seattle. Pick a sport, pick a level, and there you have people saying this is the year. This year we will win … Read more

What To Make Of Pandemic Sports

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Call me a pre-pandemic sports person, but the pandemic-era sports were missing something for me. What was missing? Writing helps me think, so I hope you’ll stick with me as I write through this—I have no outline, no agenda, just some things on my mind. Maybe I just need to get some things off my chest.  At … Read more

Media Betting on Sports Betting

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Thinking through media and sports betting There was a time where gambling content had a sleazy feel to it. That’s probably because mainstream media was not talking about it. In fact, if someone in the media talked about “betting”, people would laugh or cringe. Remember how Brent Musburger would always reference the line for the … Read more