Making a Positive Impact: A Columbus Crew Story

Making a Positive Impact: A Columbus Crew Story | SportsEpreneur

Passionate and positive fans can make a difference. The Columbus Crew staying home proves that. Soccer is not a major professional sport in the United States, though it’s enormous internationally, but Americans still follow and play the game. And when we do, we often get passionately involved.    Which brings me to the Columbus Crew. My son and … Read more

Soccer, Coffee, and Social Media

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A story about soccer, coffee and social media   It’s a cold, rainy Sunday morning. Turf fields make playing soccer possible on days like today. We’re ready.    I mean, my son is ready, he’ll be the one playing. I’ll be a spectator in the stands. I’m also the driver. There’s no time for my morning coffee, we have to … Read more

3 Ways to Brand Your Business: Houston Takeover

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Have you watched the Houston Cougars college football team this season? Earlier in the year, going up against the 3rd-ranked Oklahoma Sooners, Houston wasn’t expected to win. They beat expectations and they beat the Sooners, 33-23. They followed up with an impressive string of wins, and though Navy upset them recently, they still made major … Read more

Top 10 Hacks to Genuinely Increase Your Twitter Following

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inside scoop: I use all of these Twitter following hacks myself There are many ways to fluff your Twitter following. Just like there are many ways to cheat in golf. Neither gets you anywhere so why do it? Here are 10 Hacks to build your Twitter following with people that will actually engage with you! … Read more

4 Reasons Why Twitter Is Relevant

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Twitter has become like that running back everyone is tired of. He has been on the team a while and hasn’t really improved. Meanwhile, there is all this exciting new talent on the roster. But this guy just doesn’t go away. He’s good at what he does, and he earns his share of carriers–as he … Read more