SE+ Perspective | USA vs Netherlands

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SE+ perspective blog on USA vs Netherlands by Mason Kasimov. Mason is a senior at Providence Day School and Goalkeeper for Charlotte Independence SC. On Sunday, the USA and the Netherlands will be battling in the round of 16—winner moves on to the quarterfinals, and the loser goes home. So far, America has tied against … Read more

World Cup Lesson #3: Bad Start

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Colombia vs Japan, and it’s the first World Cup match for both teams. The long wait is over. The practice, the strategy, the buildup…it’s all in the past now. Now it’s time to play.  One minute of gameplay, then two, then three. And then—  A handball. The ref calls it intentional. It’s in the box. That … Read more

World Cup Lesson #2: Think

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The mental side of the World Cup is a big deal. Sure, skill plays a major role in the success of a team, but if players do not think properly about the task at hand, it could cost their country a victory.  Thinking seems basic, but it isn’t.   All too many of us, all too often, … Read more

World Cup Lesson #1: Patience

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I watch as many World Cup Soccer games I can, and the one thing that stands out more than anything else is patience.  Sure, at the end of the game, urgency can creep in. But mostly, the game is filled with patience.  Passing, pausing, waiting, making a run up the field only to have the player … Read more