B1G Kicker Turned Big Entrepreneur | Keith Duncan and His Story

Keith Duncan and His Story | B1G Kicker Turned Big Entrepreneur

Keith Duncan arguably had one of the best college kicking careers in Iowa football, and Big Ten Conference history. And despite the pressure to continue his career in the NFL, he chose a different professional route. Behind the Cleats Duncan, a native from Weddington, NC, moved to Iowa City as a walk-on kicker for Iowa … Read more

Make Youth Sports Fun Again

make youth sports fun | sportsepreneur

One of the best parts about watching youth sports is witnessing the purity and innocence of the sports we once fell in love with. One of the worst parts of watching youth sports is the over-involved parenting that can occur. We’ve all seen it or experienced it in an essence and it can be detrimental … Read more

SE49 | The Three Feelings in Sports and Entrepreneurship with Dan McGovern

Three Feelings Sports and Entrepreneurship | Yes I Can Basketball | Dan McGovern

There’s winning, there’s losing, and then there’s not participating. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Dan McGovern, Founder, Owner, and Director of Yes I Can Basketball. Coach Dan McGovern, known to many as Coach Mac, discusses with Eric the 3 feelings in sports, youth basketball, and finishing what you started.  Yes I Can Basketball is the most … Read more

SE39 | Soccer Goalkeeper Entrepreneur in Abdel Rodriguez

Soccer Goalkeeper Entrepreneur in Abdel Rodriguez | Kronis Soccer | Kaz

The mentality of a soccer goalkeeper and entrepreneur. In this podcast episode, we speak with Abdel Rodrigues, soccer goalkeeper, trainer, and founder of Kronis. We discuss USA soccer, the immigrant mindset, and youth sports.  

In Abdel’s incredible journey, one thing remains the same–passion. You’ll hear from Abdel, the story of how at a young age he fell in love with the game of soccer and ultimately, the position of soccer goalkeeper. Since then, he never lost passion for it. Now, Abdel makes his living training soccer goalkeepers, playing the sport he loves, and selling soccer goalkeeper gear. 

As a result of Abdel’s passion, mindset, and work ethic, and our own interest in the game of soccer, we are excited to chat with him on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

SE38 | How Playing Sports Impacts the Youth with Charles Leichtweis

How Playing Sports Impacts the Youth with Charles Leichtweis Headlines

Taking the lessons learned from coaching soccer and applying them to the business world. Today we speak with Charles Leichtweis, Managing Director of Experts in How. We discuss the importance of sports, relationships, and youth sports culture.  

We are excited to chat with Charles Leichtweis on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

Business Lessons Learned from Coaching Soccer with Charles Leichtweis Headlines
The Importance of Sports
Parents Being Advocates for Their Children
The Power of Encouragement in Youth Athletes
Learning From Your Losses
The Importance of Relationships in Sports
How Leadership Affects Teams

SE33 | Derek Bylsma | Mental Health in Youth Sports

Derek Bylsma | Mental Health in Youth Sports | SE Podcast

Controlling the mental health side of youth sports. Today we speak with Derek Bylsma, Executive Director of Millennium Counseling Center in Chicago, Illinois. In this episode, we discuss how important it is that parents help control the mental side of their young athletes.

With today’s tools, youth athletes are hearing the noise from all angles. Derek and Eric discuss avenues for you to help your young athlete succeed both on and off the field. 

With Derek’s athletic background and knowledge around mental health in sports, we are excited to have Derek back on our podcast to share his thoughts with you.  

As always, we are excited to feature Derek on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

SE12 | Youth Sports Lessons for Business | Eric Kasimov

Eric Kasimov | Business Lessons from Youth Sports

As a business leader, you can take business lessons from just about anything. In this episode, we discuss youth sports.  ——We are super intrigued by youth sports today. Both the good and the bad. So in this short podcast, we discuss the good and the bad of youth sports and how it applies to the business world. I am sure the house is divided on this topic. Regardless of your opinion, we are fascinated by all of it. Let us know your thoughts and we can feature them on a future episode. 

4 Lessons I Learned from Coaching Youth Basketball


The 5th grade boys basketball team that I coach finished its season recently. We won one game! More importantly, memories were made and lessons were learned—lessons that reach far beyond boys’ basketball.   1. Focus on the fundamentals Not once throughout the season did we face a team that played man-to-man defense. Not one time. … Read more