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The Athletic Leaning Into Soccer Content per Axios

Is Soccer content worth the investment? We say yes. But what about the new big media player on the block, The Athletic?

According to an Axios article, The Athletic agrees. Soccer is worth the investment. Apparently, so is The Athletic.

Axios’ article focuses on the capital raised by The Athletic — $50 Million to be exact. With the growth of the subscription-based digital media upstart, it matters what they say as far as sports they will spend time writing and talking about. Talking about? Yes, The Athletic has podcasts–many podcasts. Some shows are gated podcasts on their app and website (gated, meaning you need to be a subscriber to access the content) and others are podcasts available on podcast players like Apple Podcasts.

The point is soccer (or fútbol) is a significant sport worldwide and The Athletic recognizes that, as is referenced in the Axios article. It’s part of the culture in many countries. In the United States, it’s not quite there, but those that enjoy soccer often have a passion for it. The MLS while not on the level of The Big 5 European leagues has seen significant growth. In our home town of Charlotte, an MLS team is coming in the 2021 season. As we’ve discussed in this podcast (LISTEN), soccer has incredible potential in the US. This is why it comes as no surprise that The Athletic will continue to find ways to invest in soccer content by spending energy, time, resources, and money.

The upside of soccer in the US is also a reason why we are spending time in and around the sport.

Here are two podcasts we’ve done recently around soccer:

Abdel Rodriguez, Soccer Goalkeeper Entrepreneur

Jeff Attinella, Portland Timbers Goalkeeper

Here’s the link to the Axios article:

The Athletic Raises $50 Million

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