Thought Leader: Are You Willing to Pick Up the Ball?

This running back is one of your team’s most talented players. The problem is he makes mistakes more than he should. He is young and inexperienced. While he is getting better, he has a problem with fumbling the football.

You and your teammates are willing to live with this fumbling problem, because this player is worth it and because more experience will only help him learn. You keep the possibility of a fumble—and what to do about it—in mind as you play, because that’s what it takes to help your team.

And then it happens.

The running back makes a great run, and you help by blocking for him. That’s why, when a defender forces a fumble, and the ball is bouncing around on the ground, you’re right there. You see it instantly—and so do the two defenders close to you. You can rescue the play. Just rush over and grab the ball. If you do pick up that ball, you’ll make yourself a target.

Are you willing to take the responsibility and pay the price? Your team sure hopes so.

Football players train for these moments. They expect them and know how to handle them. But fumbles occur in the business world, too. Are you willing to pick up the ball?



Image of the fumble was taken by the Frank Steele under the Creative Commons ttribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license