SportsMatterz | Tim Tebow, Connections, and Platforms

It’s Tebow Time… again. In this SportsMatterz episode, John Priore and Kimberly Bates have a conversation around Tim Tebow and what his signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars means to the world of sports and entrepreneurship. Specifically, John and Kimberly get into the importance of making connections and starting your own platform. 

Tebow has officially signed a contract to pair up with Urban Meyer to play tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Tebow and Meyer relationship goes all the way back to their days together at the University of Florida. John and Kimberly discuss why this relationship is so important in their current roles and what they are looking forward to this upcoming season. 

With a focus on connections and content creation in the sports world, we are excited to bring you this episode in the series of SportsMatterz.

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SportsMatterz | Tim Tebow, Connections, and Platforms

The Journey of Tim Tebow

The Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer Connection

Kimberly’s Thoughts on the Tebow Signing

John’s Thoughts on the Tebow Signing

The Powerhouse that is Urban Meyer

The Importance of Keeping Up Relationships

What to Expect from Tebow This Season

The Tebow Effect




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