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The Right Time for Business

“The Right Time for Business” is an “I am a SportsEpreneur” guest post written by Eric Paredes. If you are a SportsEpreneur, let us know.

I hear a lot of people saying “when I have enough money or time, I’m going to quit my job and start my own business.” 

I keep hearing those same people saying the same thing year after year. Now they can´t stand their jobs and, because of the pandemic, they live with the fear of being fired. When I ask why don’t you start your business now? They answer, I have bills to pay, or I can’t afford to quit, or I don’t have enough money, et cetera. 

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. Few of us are willing to take the risks (and earn 90% or 100% of the revenue). But have you thought about starting a business in the area of sports? You might know that the sports industry is in the top 10 worldwide of businesses and is one of the most lucrative industries, managing more than 700 billion USD a year. 

Sports are a pandemic and recession-proof industry, as sports are a daily necessity for humans and can be practiced at all times anywhere without restrictions. And there’s always a favorite sport in every country.

If central governments focused on promoting the development of sporting ventures, they would be able to give dynamism to the economy and even reduce health care costs by fostering healthy living.

As a SportsEpreneur, you can develop a product that meets a need, create a business that generates jobs, create a service that generates value for your target audience, or change a business model.

Large companies are the ones that give mobility to the economy, but SportsEpreneurs are already important players in the economy as they focus on the differentiation and diversification of products or services, offering customers better options. And we will always need to practice sports and watch sports as entertainment because sport is the business of today and the future.

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