TLH Reckoning – Women’s Soccer Franchise | Ashlee Fontes-Comber

An Athlete Mindset podcast episode featuring Ashlee Fontes-Comber, the founder and CEO of TLH Reckoning and the former president of United Soccer Coaches. TLH Reckoning, also known as Tallahassee Reckoning, is a professionally operated women’s soccer franchise breaking geographic and institutional barriers. TLH Reckoning is inspired by the generations of elite talent in Tallahassee, Florida. They are part of the USL W.
In this episode, Ashlee Fontes-Comber and Lisa Bonta Sumii discuss the following topics:
  • How Ashlee is helping create opportunities for others
  • Working to bring soccer to underserved areas
  • The first female of color to become the president of the United Soccer Coaches
  • Learning how to exemplify your values every day — and serving your family
  • The importance of finding things outside of sports that fulfill you
  • Why it’s important that coaches fully support their players
  • TLH Reckoning Women’s Soccer Franchise
  • The United Soccer Coaches Convention

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About Ashlee Fontes-Comber of TLH Reckoning:
  • Over 24 years of experience in the sports industry
  • Founder and CEO of TLH Reckoning, a groundbreaking women’s soccer franchise
  • Proven track record in building and revitalizing women’s soccer organizations at various levels
  • Elected as the first female of color President in the history of United Soccer Coaches
  • Pursuing a PhD in Sport Management from Florida State University and holds soccer coach certifications from United Soccer Coaches
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Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW | CEO & Founder of AthMindset®

  • Specializes in athlete mental health, covering clinical and performance aspects for a wide range of clients, including elite youth, collegiate athletes, Olympians, professionals, and sports teams.
  • Serves as the first-ever Mental Performance Coach for the Oakland Roots Sports Club, collaborating with the Technical Team and Sports Medicine staff.
  • Listed in prestigious directories including the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s Mental Health Registry, NFL Player Association’s Clinician Directory, and Major League Rugby Mental Health and Wellness Directory.
  • Founded AthMindset®, offering athlete-centered mental health services with a team of licensed clinicians and consultants across several states.
  • Host of the Athlete Mindset Podcast and co-host of Roots Radio; a frequent keynote and TEDx speaker with national and international engagements.
  • Quoted in major publications like Time Magazine, Teen Vogue, and Women’s Health Magazine; featured on BBC World News and Radio Bliss in Jordan.
  • Author of “The AthMindset® Workbook: Training your mind for optimal mental health in sport and in life.”
  • Holds a Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Smith College School for Social Work and an undergraduate degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara.
  • Proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.