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Top 3 Best Buckeye Podcasts

College football is all about rankings. And at Ohio State, the expectation is number one! But with podcasts, there’s more than enough content and consumption to go around in the world of the best Buckeye podcasts. So, we’re bringing you the top three. Here are the best Buckeye podcasts you shouldn’t miss.

1. Menace 2 Sports with Zach Smith and Kris Drew (Listen on YouTube)

  • Description: College football has numerous podcasts, but none are quite like Menace 2 Sports. While not exclusively an Ohio State podcast, it unmistakably has a tilt towards it. The show feels national, especially with the expansion of the Big Ten. However, it’s not just the coverage that sets it apart. Zach Smith, paired with Kris Drew, offers a raw, unfiltered perspective that few dare to give.
  • Why Listen:
    • Insights & Authenticity: Unlike many former coaches or athletes, Zach Smith provides genuine insights without any hint of ego or bias. His disregard for public sentiment allows him to deliver content that’s candid and straight from the heart.
    • Deep Dives: With Smith and Drew at the helm, each episode delves deeply into game strategies, player performances, and behind-the-scenes happenings. Their insider perspectives bring listeners closer to the action than ever before.
    • Relatability: Despite their expertise, both Smith and Drew have a knack for making complex football concepts accessible to fans of all levels. Their camaraderie and occasional banter add a layer of relatability and entertainment to the mix.
    • Expertise: A former coach at prominent schools like Florida and Ohio State, Zach’s football knowledge is exceptional. Grandson to the iconic coach Earle Bruce, he can dissect and explain football intricacies like no other.
    • Connection: Smith’s deep ties to Ohio State, Big Ten Football, and several coaches in the sport make him a go-to source for authentic insights.

In Essence: Menace 2 Sports is more than just a podcast—it’s an experience. Zach Smith and Kris Drew’s combined expertise, deep-rooted connections, and genuine passion for the game offer listeners a front-row seat to the world of college football. Their commitment to authenticity, bolstered by their unique insights, ensures that each episode isn’t just informative, but also deeply engaging and often hilarious and ridiculous. Whether you’re a hardcore football strategist or just someone looking for candid sports talk, Menace 2 Sports offers a mix that’s hard to resist. Choosing one show to be number one in our best Buckeye podcasts’ ranking was easy because this show more than most sports shows keeps it real! But these other shows in our top 3 deserve a lot of credit and attention…

2. Kings of Columbus, Kings of the North on The Podcast with Doug Lesmerises & Bill Landis (Listen on YouTube)

  • Description: This podcast explores Ohio State football with a lens sharpened by years of journalistic acumen. Doug, a veteran journalist associated with, brings not only his expert knowledge about Buckeye football but also a distinctive flair stemming from his prowess as an author and an articulate communicator.
  • Why Listen:
    • Versatility in Expression: Doug is not just an adept journalist; he’s also an accomplished writer. His artistry with words manifests both in his written pieces and when he’s behind the microphone. This makes each episode of his podcast a delightful blend of insights and eloquence.
    • Interpersonal Skills: One of Doug’s standout traits is his ability to make those around him feel at ease. His welcoming demeanor, combined with his unwavering dedication to journalism, allows him to pose the hard questions, especially when it comes to the leadership at Ohio State. While this might not always endear him to everyone, it’s a testament to his commitment to his role as a journalist.
    • Insightful Takes: Doug’s willingness to take a stand, coupled with his vast experience, makes him an authoritative voice when it comes to Ohio State football. He’s not one to shy away from potentially contentious issues, making his podcast an essential listen for those seeking unfiltered, insightful perspectives.
    • Learning Opportunity: Beyond sports, Doug’s podcast serves as a masterclass for aspiring writers, podcasters, and journalists. His methodical approach to communication, his impeccable writing style, and his deep understanding of sports journalism make “Kings of Columbus on The Podcast with Doug Lesmerises” a valuable resource for anyone keen on honing their craft in these domains.

In Essence: Doug Lesmerises brings to the table a unique blend of journalistic integrity, a commanding grasp of the English language, and a deep-rooted understanding of Ohio State football. Whether you’re an avid Buckeye football fan, an aspiring journalist, or someone who appreciates the art of communication, tuning into Doug’s podcast is time well spent.

3. Buckeye Talk (Listen on Apple Podcasts)

  • Description: “Buckeye Talk” is a podcast that has evolved over time, initially starting with the dynamic duo that also helms “The Podcast/Kings of Columbus.” As time progressed, new voices were introduced, bringing a variety of perspectives to the table — enriching the discourse around Ohio State sports.
  • Why Listen:
    • Evolution of Voices: What makes “Buckeye Talk” unique is its adaptability. While it started with familiar voices, the inclusion of new perspectives, like that of Nathan Baird, brought a fresh dynamic to the show. Though each change may require an adjustment period for regular listeners, this evolution ensures that the content remains diverse and engaging.
    • Unbiased Journalism: Nathan Baird’s addition was a notable pivot for the podcast. Coming from a Purdue background, Nathan didn’t carry the same inherent OSU biases that many might expect. This out-of-town, unbiased perspective is invaluable in a space filled with pro-OSU content. Real journalism aims to be objective, and Nathan’s viewpoint, seemingly molded by Doug Lesmerises, offers just that.
    • Resilient Reporting: While the “Buckeye Talk” team are beat writers, and there’s an understanding that OSU has certain influence over their narratives, individuals like Nathan and Stephen Means consistently demonstrate journalistic integrity. Stephen, despite his OSU background, collaborates with Nathan to deliver balanced and insightful takes, ensuring that listeners get a well-rounded view of OSU sports.
    • Blend of Backgrounds: The podcast thrives on its diversity of backgrounds. With voices from both inside and outside the Ohio State bubble, listeners are treated to a multifaceted analysis of events and games. This blend ensures that biases are checked, and listeners receive a balanced mix of fandom and objectivity.

In Essence: “Buckeye Talk” stands out as evolved sports journalism. Its willingness to bring in diverse voices, its commitment to unbiased reporting, and the synergy of its team make it a must-listen for anyone seeking comprehensive insights into Ohio State sports. Whether you’re an OSU fan or just a sports enthusiast, this podcast offers perspectives that promise to both inform and entertain.

So there it is. The Top 3 Best Buckeye Podcasts. The final rankings are:

  1. Menace 2 Sports with Zach Smith
  2. Kings of Columbus on The Podcast with Doug Lesmerises
  3. Buckeye Talk with Nathan Baird and Stephen Means

While number one is the aim for all Buckeye supporters, we live in a content-filled world… therefore, I think it’s fair to have more than one winner! Put on your headphones and enjoy the experience!

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