UCLA’s Early Season Comeback Still Teaches An Incredible Lesson

A look back to an incredible game and teaching moment in college football  

If you’re a college football fan, you probably watched the game between UCLA and Texas A&M right up through the third quarter…and then went to bed. The score was 44-10, after all–and it was late (on the east coast).  

In sports, once the situation looks too dire, fans count you out. The same goes in business. If your business looks to be struggling, if sales are slow and the momentum you need isn’t there, then the people who normally pay attention to your business will be sleeping on you.  

What better time to prove those people wrong? If you believe in your mission, if you know you’re on the right track, then keep going. Nothing should stop you.  

A sale here, a small win there…use it all to your advantage. Every point you earn counts in your favor, no matter how far away you are from winning. When UCLA scored its first touchdown of the comeback, the score was still only 44-17. No viewers thought UCLA was winning at that point. But it was the first small step on the voyage to an epic victory. 

Momentum began to build. Each small win stacked up on top of each other.  

A good meeting here, a sale there, and suddenly you have a good feeling about your business. You know others are sleeping on you, so use this as a time to go out and gain more momentum. The belief in what you are doing will keep you going. 

UCLA did it, and as a result they celebrated an incredible (comeback) victory. You can do the same.