Web3 | NFT Player Cards with DPC Labs Founder, Daniel Pardo | SportsE Podcast
Web3 | NFT Player Cards with DPC Labs Founder, Daniel Pardo | SportsE Podcast

Web3 | NFT Player Cards with DPC Labs Founder, Daniel Pardo

Providing athletes of all ages the opportunity to own their own moment — with NFT Players cards.

A Web3 podcast conversation with DPC Labs Founder and CEO, Daniel Pardo.


Michigan State Spartans vs Ohio State Buckeyes 🏈

Name Image and Likeness 💰

The landscape and future of college sports 📚

Sports bring people together 🏟

Crypto bear market 🐻

Providing athletes the opportunity to own their moment 🥇

Young athletes’ memorabilia 👧

Smart Contracts, utility, Etherscan 📑

Solona vs Ethereum 🆚

Security with NFTs and Web3 overall 🔐

The issues with mining

Abundance mindset 🤔

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More about Daniel Pardo and DPC Labs (digital player cards):

DPC Labs created an NFT marketplace that creates NFT digital player cards for athletes of all ages and sports.

DPC Labs is a Miami-based sports technology company. DPC is built on the Solana blockchain and allows users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs on a platform designed for every sports enthusiast.

When purchasing a DPC card you enter an exclusive community of card holders. Card holders will receive an exclusive card as unique memorabilia of their athletes. The DPC card unlocks long-term benefits and giveaways. Each card tier will have different incentives, giveaways, and opportunities including real-life engagements with the athlete’s cards that are held as NFTs. The higher the card tier, the better rewards. With these cards, you can buy, sell, trade, and hold your NFTs on a dynamic NFT ecosystem for sports enthusiasts and NFT collectors!

Web3 | So Many Questions! | A Podcast Series

Web3 is happening so fast—or at least that’s what it seems like. In actuality, there is time—a lot of time. It’s very early in the Web3 world. It’s also very confusing (maybe because there are so many buzzwords or maybe it’s because there are a lot of people promising a bright future). I’d say it’s best to talk to those in the space. And that’s where this Web3 dialogue (podcast series) is coming from. It’s an opportunity to share space with those that have experience, stories, and proof of concept related to all things Web3. This episode just so happens to hone in on all things NFT player cards.

Web3 & NFTs | NFT Player Cards with DPC Labs Founder, Daniel Pardo

So let’s learn about Web3 and the entire infrastructure including NFTs, marketplaces, smart contracts, and young athletes. Let’s be open to it. I’m not one to suggest running out and buying a bunch of land in the Metaverse, but I would suggest paying attention to it, asking questions, and then seeing what interests you. The creativity and the opportunity got me. I hope this episode helps you understand it a bit more—or if you are already in the Web3 world, I hope this episode opens you into a new part of the community.

SportsE.io Podcast Guest: Daniel Pardo | Founder – DPC Labs

DPC Labs: website | Twitter | Instagram

Daniel Pardo: LinkedIn | Twitter

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