We're All A Little Crazy #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement
We're All A Little Crazy #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement

We’re All A Little Crazy: #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement

If you listen to anything today, listen to this important story and message from the non-profit founder of We’re All A Little Crazy: #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement, Eric Kussin.

We are all going through something. And each story is unique. This episode is taken from our Raw, Authentic, and Vulnerable podcast series. It’s too critical not to keep highlighting.

Here’s more about our podcast guest, Eric Kussin. Founder of We’re All A Little Crazy #SameHere The Global Mental Health Movement

20-year pro sports exec who was fortunate enough to find a higher calling after an intense mental health battle. Launched a global alliance of athletes and celebrities, along with expert practitioners: We’re All A Little “Crazy,” & #SameHere🤙The Global Mental Health Movement. Our members believe that life challenges affect all of us, no matter our backgrounds or careers, and that our mental health exists on a spectrum that we all fluctuate on, as opposed to: “the 1 in 5 sick vs the 4 in 5 healthy.”

Together, we are using our platforms and consistent messaging to change the narrative around the world, educate the masses, implement much-needed programs on the ground (programs with schools, colleges, corporate offices, sports teams, service men/women & first responders), and make it socially acceptable for everyone to ask for help when they need it.

The #SameHere🤙Movement is a campaign you will see woven throughout our communications. This is a sign language gesture that can be used universally in the context of the mental health world to mean: Same here, I too struggle with some of life’s inevitable challenges, and yes those challenges have affected my mental health. We’re all in this together.

Movement Website: samehereglobal.org
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