So, you’re playing golf. Par for the first hole is 4. It’s 375 yards.

You hit a 245 yard drive,
–a 130 yard wedge into the green,
–a 20 foot putt that misses by 5 feet,
–a 5 foot putt that goes in.

That’s a par.

Now what if you missed that last 5 foot putt and tapped it in after?

That would be a bogey.

The difference sounds small, but do that 18 times, and what could have been a 72 becomes a 90. That’s an incredible difference in golf. It’s the little things that add up.

For serious golfers, success means maintaining your focus so the little things add up to a good score, not a bad one. It means putting in the effort to become exceptional.

In business, you need the same focus and the same effort. You need to become excellent. If you keep missing your five-foot putts, your business goes from being an A player to being a C player.

You tell me, if you are a client, would you rather work with the A player or the C player?


3 Key Points:

1) The difference between average and great is in the little things

2) Focus

3) Your clients want to work with the A player





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