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Why I Wear Sneakers to Work

I wear sneakers to work — not always, there are days when I wear a suit and shoes, but many days, I rock Nike’s. 


There are many reasons. I wear sneakers because they’re comfortable, because they’re fashionable, and because I just want to.  But mostly I wear sneakers so I can have no excuses for taking a 30-minute walk during the day. 

It’s so easy to come up with excuses for not exercising. I can say I couldn’t exercise because it was cold outside today, or because I was wearing nice clothes, or because I was wearing shoes. I make up these excuses, so it’s up to me to get rid of them. 

If what I wear on my feet is getting in the way of exercise, it’s up to me to change what I wear. 

Want to be more productive during the day? Go for a walk. Having one of those days where you just can’t get it going? Go for a walk. Want better conditioning all around? Get up from your desk and out from behind your computer and go for a walk.  

It all works. Trust me. 

I’ll even wear comfortable clothes to the office. If you see me in a t-shirt and sneakers at the office, it’s not a sign of disrespect. I’m getting work done. In fact, I’m doing more and doing it better because my walks keep me more alert during the day. That’s good for me, good for my company, and good for my clients. 

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