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Why Sports and Business Content?

Why do I run a content platform about sports and business?

I could talk about how SportsEpreneur fits in with the rest of my business plan, or I could talk about how it gives value to the public and to current and potential clients. All of that is true. But right now I want to talk about what the platform means to me, personally—why I started it, and how it remains a big part of what I do. 

So, why do I run SportsEpreneur? Here are five reasons.

1. Sports IS Business

The idea of talking about sports and business on the same platform (even in the same post!) might seem strange if you’re used to thinking of sports only as a hobby, or only as a form of entertainment you consume. But the fact is that professional sports is a business, as is college sports, albeit in a slightly different way. These are people working hard to put out a product, and if they do it well they make money, and they can invest that money into making an even better product. And beyond that, the teams on the field go through many of the same issues and challenges as any other team pursuing an objective. What makes a team win or lose? An NFL football game or a meeting with a prospective client often provides related answers. 

Plus, I enjoy sports. It’s one of my things. But having the passion for something alone isn’t always a good reason to make a business of it. I used to want to get into the sports world when I was younger. How? I wasn’t certain. It turned out to be producing content in and around the world of sportsSportsEpreneur lets me do the thing I enjoy—produce content—while also participating in another passion, which is to talk about sports. All of it in a market with an abundance of opportunities. 

2. SportsEpreneur Is an Example of What We Do 

I remember starting SportsEpreneur. Some people liked it. Others didn’t get it. But then there were people who read what I was posting and came to us and said, “can you do that for me?” They wanted good, engaging content that put their story and their ideas out there, just like SportsEpreneur did for us. And that’s how our content marketing brand, KazCM, got started. 

As content marketers, we’ve always been our own first client. And that’s how it should be. You don’t buy an iPhone without playing with it. You don’t buy a car without a test drive. You don’t buy a book without at least looking at the front cover—probably, you’ll read a couple of pages, too. Why would you hire someone to help you with content marketing if you couldn’t see their work? 

With SportsEpreneur, I don’t have to sell anyone on what we do. I just show them; this is what we do for our business. If you like it, we could do a version of this for you.  

3. It’s a Way to Make Connections

There are many relationships that began as a result of the SportsEpreneur platform. I met an attorney in Miami, Florida who became a friend and ultimately a client. I met another content creator in Boise, Idaho who hosts multiple sports podcasts. I met a former star cornerback for the Ohio State Buckeyes. There are even two employees of KazSource—the brand where SportsEpreneur lives—who found out about us through SportsEpreneur content. These connections and many more wouldn’t exist without this platform.

4. It Keeps Me in Learning Mode

My younger self would roll his eyes at this heading. Learn, read, betterment? Get serious! But perhaps that’s why I take in so much today; I realize now that learning (what I want to learn) is one of the most important things I do—for my family, for my company, for me, for those I work with, for anyone who takes the time to read or listen to what I say. And having this platform keeps me thinking, keeps me learning, because I have to know my stuff, and I have to have good, well-informed ideas if I’m going to produce. It’s a form of accountability. 

But no matter how much I learn, there’s no way I’ll have it all figured out. In fact, as I discussed in this article here, much of what I write and talk about is self-talk—I’m trying to work through ideas, solve problems, and keep myself inspired. That’s part of why I create content. And a lot of this self-talk applies to others, so I share it—and sharing what helps me, becomes a way I can help others. 

5. The Markets They Are A-Changing

The word “disruption” is a buzz-word for sure, but it’s about something real; a lot of industries are changing rapidly these days, and any business that can’t keep up will be left behind. The original business inside KazSource is an insurance brokerage company—talk about an industry ripe for disruptionSportsEpreneur might look like it has nothing to do with insurance, and on one level, well, you’re right, it doesn’t. But part of the way we’re staying current is by focusing on building relationships, and as I already explained, building relationships is what SportsEpreneur is all about—sports has always been the ultimate ice breaker. Content leads to conversations—genuine conversations. Which leads to maybe us doing good business together. 

So all that and more is why we have a sports and business content platform. 

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