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World Cup Lesson #1: Patience

I watch as many World Cup Soccer games I can, and the one thing that stands out more than anything else is patience. 

Sure, at the end of the game, urgency can creep in. But mostly, the game is filled with patience. 

Passing, pausing, waiting, making a run up the field only to have the player pull back. The goalie hugs the ball like a child before bedtime. He is in no hurry. Even for a direct kick outside the box, an opportunity to score, everybody takes their time. Before the kick, a chat with a teammate. Even the ref sets the pitch. The defenders, knowing this could be bad for them, prepare carefully. 

Patience is what allows the players to strike when the opportunity presents itself—and it allows the defending team to counter at the right moment. None of them waste energy or risk an ill-considered move that could give the other team an advantage. 

These are the best players in the world. 

Do you want to do less than they do? In your business, do you go for your goals impulsively, trying to force the moment? Or do you prepare carefully and then seize the opportunity when it arrives? 

Thanks for reading, “World Cup Lesson #1: Patience”. World Cup Lesson #2 and World Cup Lesson #3 are upcoming.

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