SE49 | The Three Feelings in Sports and Entrepreneurship with Dan McGovern

There’s winning, there’s losing, and then there’s not participating. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Dan McGovern, Founder, Owner, and Director of Yes I Can Basketball.

Coach Dan McGovern, known to many as Coach Mac, discusses with Eric the 3 feelings in sports, youth basketball, and finishing what you started. 

Yes I Can Basketball is the most popular youth basketball program in Charlotte, NC for boys and girls. It will be expanding across the country as Yes I Can is now franchised. 

We truly enjoyed chatting with Coach Mac on this podcast as Eric has watched him lead young children as two of his kids have participated in his leagues and camps. Having the opportunity to ask questions and think through many topics around development with an inspiring entrepreneur is something we take very seriously—and we hope you are able to take away something from this conversation for yourself. 

In February 2020, Coach Mac reached out to us as he found this article on Google. He gave us words of encouragement–it says a lot about Dan that he did this. It led to a great conversation, some messaging, and this podcast. The article he found is a few years old, but it goes to show you that evergreen content is for the long haul. And it can lead to new doors being open, new connections, great conversations, inspiration, and more.

We are grateful Dan reached out to us and then stopped by to chat with us on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.

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The Three Feelings in Sports and Entrepreneurship with Dan McGovern of Yes I Can Basketball

The Three Feelings in Sports as Told By Yes I Can Basketball

The Joy of Competing

Confidence is Key

Enjoying the Journey

The Ring Chasing Culture

Being Attached to the Emotional Side of Sports

Mistakes Parents Are Making with Their Youth

Coach Mac’s Background on Discipline and Behavior

The Yes I Can Basketball Program




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