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SE59 | How Ice Hockey Is Like Entrepreneurship | Zuzana Dobro

“When you are playing the game, you are not a spectator. The same goes for entrepreneurship.” In this episode, we feature the founder of The WHO Method, Zuzana Dobro. Zuzana shares her story about how ice hockey is like entrepreneurship and the lessons she’s learned on the ice and in business. 

That line about ice hockey and entrepreneurship is so true. It’s why we were excited to feature Zuzana on the SportsEpreneur podcast. Eric and Zuzana specifically discuss the psychology of playing ice hockey, getting up and overcoming obstacles, and building a supportive team. 

Zuzana Dobro is a former communist kid who left the Eastern Bloc with £200 in her pocket. Zuzana wanted to pursue her passion for design. She worked across the creative industry in London. Her last full-time job was for a big corporation where she realized this was not what she wanted–so she quit! She would travel two years solo around the world. Exploring the world was a heart-opening experience for Zuzana, leading her to a calling and an entrepreneurship journey. 

We are grateful that Zuzana found our podcast as it was exciting to chat with the opportunistic, Zuzana Dobro on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.


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How Ice Hockey Is Like Entrepreneurship | Zuzana’s Dobro

How Zuzana Sees the Game Differently Now That She’s An Entrepreneur

The Psychology of the Game

You Are Not the Spectator

Why Work-Ethic Always Wins

The Power of Sports and Business Analogies

Having Skin in the Game




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